Dickinson city commission tables mill and overlay decision

The City of Dickinson recommended approving Zone 1 as the area for the 2020-2021 mill and overlay project. (Map courtesy of the City of Dickinson)

The City of Dickinson selected locations for its 2020-2021 mill and overlay project and await approval by the city commission to begin.

In a memo from the city's engineering department, it explained the request.

"City staff has been working with KLJ, Inc. on determining areas within the community which need this type of maintenance. Multiple areas have been suggested, by our consultant, based on data from our 2019 Pavement Management Plan and ongoing updates to that data by Public Works Staff," the memo reads. "In reviewing these areas, based on need (and) possible upcoming utility updates and budget, city staff is recommending to have Zone 1, which falls within our budget of $3.5M at an estimated cost of $3.45M, as this year’s project area."

Zone 1 includes the following roads: Franklin, Benton Street, 13th Street East, Dell Avenue, 10th Street East, 11th Street East, North Drive, Fir Avenue, Cherry Avenue, Elm Avenue and Gum Avenue.

“In those areas, we would do what we’ve done in the previous couple of years which is look at new asphalt pavement with needed concrete repairs as far as curb and gutter and the sidewalk and infills of those curb and gutter and sidewalks," Loretta Marshik, assistant city engineer, told the commission.


Commissioner Nicole Wolla said that her parents live in zone one and that there are drainage issues in the zone. She wanted to know if they would be addressed during the project.

"I'm assuming that affects the road conditions as well," she said.

Carl Jackson, Civil-Water Department Manager for KLJ, answered her.

" I think that during the recent rain storms, we’ve been out taking photos and documenting where there’s ponding water and whatnot," he said. "We’re not doing major utility upgrades including storm drain systems underground , but where we know there are bird baths and bellies in the curve, we’ll fix all that stuff at this time.”

City Commission President Scott Decker stressed that the commission has received several calls from residents at Tweeten Place about the problem.

"It just pools in that cul-de-sac, and you basically have an ice-skating rink," he said.

The city will ask the commission to approve a special improvement district, which would allow the city to assess the property owners for the replacement of curb, gutter and sidewalk as needed.

A rough schedule of the project is as follows: design in the fall of 2020, SID creation in the fall and winter, followed by bidding and construction in the spring and summer of 2021.


Because there were only three commissioners present at last week's meeting, Decker said that he would rather table the discussion and decision to the following meeting on Sept. 15.

Jackson said this would not be a problem.

Commissioner Suzi Sobolik made a motion to table the decision, seconded by Wolla. The motion passed unanimously.

Kayla Henson is a former Dickinson Press reporter.
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