Dickinson Parks and Recreation unveils new logo

New multi-colored logo said to reflect heartbeat of the community and commitment to representing inclusivity and diversity.

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The new logo includes bright colors and lines that represent a pulse and aim to show connection, inclusivity and diversity.
Photo courtesy of Dickinson Parks and Recreation.

DICKINSON — The heartbeat of the Dickinson community can be felt in endless ways, whether it's through the kindness of its people or the beauty of its land, and now Dickinson Parks and Recreation (DPR) say they have captured this pulse in its newly released logo.

DPR announced the release of its new logo this week, which aims to reflect the heart and pulse of the community, along with the district's desire to be a model for health and wellness in the community. DPR feels confident that the logo will not only resonate with the community but also help to solidify its heart.

The pulse icon is the center of the new logo and was designed to be easily recognizable and memorable. It features a modern design with bold blue, green, red, and orange lines that work to capture the essence of the DPR brand, according to their statement.

Executive Director Benjamin Rae is enthusiastic about the new logo and feels it represents a step forward.

“We as a district consider ourselves to be the heart or pulse of the community of Dickinson; our parks and facilities are often where the community comes together. This new logo represents that model as well as shows the vibrancy and heart of what we do,” Rae said.


Rae said he is excited to see how the logo will help the district grow and evolve in the years to come.

The outside view of the West River Community Center is pictured.
Dickinson Parks and Recreation, located within the West River Community Center, has changed its logo to represent the pulse of the community.
Dickinson Press file photo

The multicolored logo aims to show connection, inclusivity, and diversity. It features the color blue to represent purpose and success, green to show nature and health, red for strength and leadership, and orange to show optimism and energy, according to DPR.

The new logo was approved earlier this month during the Board of Park Commissioners meeting on March 13.

“I’m in support of the logo, it fits in well with what we do, and I like the pulse concept,” President Scott Karsky said.

DPR has been involved in the parks and recreation sector for 75 years and is responsible for 31 developed parks, nine future park areas, and manages 14 facilities in the community. With over 20 programs ranging from adult sports leagues to youth cooking classes, DPR provides a variety of activities, facilities, and outdoor spaces to Dickinson residents.

Ultimately, the organization's mission is to enhance the quality of life for the community and its visitors by providing leisure opportunities. The new logo serves as a testament to the organization's commitment to innovation and progress, according to DPR.

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