Dunn County Primary Ballot: List of candidates, measures and polling locations

The 2022 Dunn County primary elections will feature several competitive local races.

Dunn County Courthouse
The Dunn County Courthouse is pictured.
Jason O'Day / The Dickinson Press

MANNING, N.D. — The ballot for the June 14 primary election in Dunn County is just over two pages long, with several competitive local races. This article will not feature candidates in races who are running uncontested, or in races featuring fewer or an equal number of candidates to allotted votes.

In a political party primary election in North Dakota, voters may only cast a vote for the candidates of a single political party. The ballot contains two political parties; one in each section. Voters should keep in mind that should they cast a vote in more than one political party's section, the ballot will be rejected. However, all votes on the "No Party" and "Measures" will still be counted.

Citizens can vote on election day at the Dunn County Courthouse, located at 205 Owens St. in Manning; or the Twin Buttes Community Center 80J Ave. NW in Twin Buttes — which is east of BIA Route 20 and north of Seventh St. NW.

Dunn County Auditor and Treasurer Tracey said that while they don’t have the population to support early voting like Stark County, voters can come to the Dunn County Courthouse and vote early via absentee ballot from now until election day at any time between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For those who applied for and received mail-in ballots, there is a dropbox outside the courthouse.

Partisan primaries

These are statewide races in the Republican primary. For United States Senator, the Republican candidates are Riley Kuntz and John Hoeven. For Secretary of State, the Republican candidates are Michael Howe and Marvin Lepp. For North Dakota State Senate for District 39, the Republican candidates are Andrew Gene (Kord) Kordonowy and Greg Kessel. For North Dakota State Representative for District 39, the Republican candidates are (choose two) Thea Lee, John Pretzer, Lyn James, Keith Kempenich and Mike Schatz. In the Democratic-NPL contest is for United States Senator, the candidates are Katrina Christiansen and Michael J. Steele. For North Dakota State Representative for District 4-a, the Democratic-NPL candidates are Lisa Finley-DeVille and Thomasina Mandan.


Non-partisan races

For Dunn County Commissioner at Large (choose three), candidates include JoAnn Marsh, Tim R Steffan, Robert H Kleemann, Julie Karey, Dave Olson, Craig Pelton and Tracey Dolezal. For County Auditor/Treasurer, the candidates are Jason North and Jessica (Gunwall) Kirchoffner. For County State’s Attorney, the candidates are Stephenie Davis and Christina Kissinger. For County Sheriff, the candidates are (choose one) Eric Braathen, Gary Kuhn and Ron McCloud. Voters will also decide the official newspaper of Dunn County, options being The Beacon and The Dickinson Press.

For Killdeer Commission President, the candidates are Joel Spethman and Kevin Candrian. For Killdeer Commissioner Unexpired Two Year Term, the candidates are Joseph Hurt and Ryan Schleppenbach.

For Mayor of Dodge, the candidates are Kendall Joki and Brad Duttenhefer. For Dodge City Council, the candidates are (choose two) Brenda Acosta, Kelly Wolff and Eugene Duttenhefer. The candidates for Dodge Park Board Member are (choose two) Tarri Joki, Svea Lizor and Jarrett Jones.

For Dunn Center City Councilmember, the candidates are (choose two) Colton Medley, Shasta Blackford and Sadie Papa. For Halliday City Commissioner, the candidates are Janet Wanek, Dean Huhta and Jaimie Cronje.

School board

Dolezal explained that some Dunn residents live in school districts that are based in Stark and Mercer counties, but extend into Dunn County. Hence, those elections and ballot measures appear on some Dunn County ballots.

For Beulah School Board, the candidates are (choose two) Autumn Serna, Kory McGraw and Douglas Moore. For Dickinson School Board, the candidates are (choose three) Kimberly L. Schwartz, Jason Rodakowski, Dustin Anderson and Michelle Orton. For South Heart School Board, the candidates are (choose three) Jarrod M. Steffan, Kammy Tschetter, Joshua Wagner, Lynae Harper (Rambousek) and Mason Eberts. For Richardton/Taylor School Board, the candidates are (choose two) Jessica Rixen, Jody Hoff, Jessica Olson, Damian Paulson and Duane Zent.

The lone ballot measure is a South Heart School District question that posits, "Shall the South Heart School Board publish school board meeting minutes in a newspaper of general circulation for the next two years?" The options are, "Yes, means you approve the measure as summarized above," and "No, means you reject the measure as summarized above."

For all other election related information, visit the Dunn County government website at or call the Auditor’s Office at 701-573-4448.

Jason O’Day is a University of Iowa graduate, with Bachelor’s Degrees in Journalism and Political Science. Before moving to Dickinson in September of 2021, he was a general news reporter at the Creston News Advertiser in southwest Iowa. He was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa. With a passion for the outdoors and his Catholic faith, he’s loving life on the Western Edge. His reporting focuses on Stark County government and surrounding rural communities.
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