BELFIELD - Belfield Public School Superintendent Wade Northrop will assume the role of principal after Jeffrey Lamprecht was suspended in June for alleged disorderly conduct.

The school board voted to suspend the high school principal due to allegations of sexual misconduct with an underage female student. Teachers reported that students had come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Lamprecht has not been criminally charged and the state Bureau of Criminal Investigations considers the case closed, according to a report from the department.

A dismissal hearing before the school board, initially scheduled for August 21, was postponed indefinitely after Lamprecht’s attorney, Chad Nodland, requested a continuance at a pre-trial conference last week.

Administrative Law Judge Bonny Fetch approved the request on the grounds that Nodland needed more time to prepare a case. Fetch said she is working on issuing an order to reschedule the hearing.

In the meantime, Northrop said he is holding off on searching for a new principal until the case has concluded. He will continue superintendent duties in addition to his duties as interim principal.

Fetch said the statutory limit for the hearing can be extended for a number of reasons, but the school board and Lamprech are “not going to let this linger.”

“Both parties want to get it resolved,” Fetch said. “They’re not going to try to delay it.”

The Belfield School Board will issue a hearing notice once it is rescheduled.

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