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Helping Dickinson's sister city

Students who spearheaded and supported fundraisers for Dickinson's sister city -- Dickinson, Texas, stand with the check representing $7,200 during an assembly on Wednesday, Oct. 18. (Linda Saielr/The Dickinson Press)

Dickinson High School held a short assembly Wednesday to announce that $7,200 was raised for Dickinson (Texas) High School and its Hurricane Harvey relief.

The DHS National Honor Society coordinated fundraisers in September for it's sister city in Texas, to support them through the flood—donation jars around town, donations by teachers and jar wars between the classes. A surprise donation of $607 also came from Jefferson Elementary School.

Proceeds will be distributed as scholarships, funding for the school prom and funding to help rebuild the town of Dickinson, Texas.

"We're gators for a day!" said social studies teacher Jim Fahy said. "Your generation is great—what you did was absolutely incredible. Give yourself a round of applause."

Terry Herbert, counselor at DHS in Texas, sent the following letter of appreciation: "I wanted to thank Dickinson High School (ND), especially the DHS National Honor Society for thinking of us and helping us here in Dickinson Texas, due to our tough time from Hurricane Harvey. Many of the homes in the Dickinson area were either completely lost or damaged due to the storm and flood waters. It restores our faith in humanity for students/adults in another state to help others they don't even know.... Both my brother and I were flooded in our homes and are having to rebuild, but we are getting there and are upbeat. We really enjoyed the T-shirts from our sister city. Thanks again for all that you've done. Go Midgets and Gators!"