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School board president steps down to pursue district job

Dickinson Public School Board President Sarah Ricks is stepping down from her position on the school board in order to pursue a job in the district.

"I resigned from the board because I hope to seek employment in the school district for the next school year and could not ethically remain on the hiring body if I plan to become a candidate," Ricks said in an email. "I have really enjoyed my time on the board and found it to be both challenging and rewarding. I just find myself drawn to seek a role in which I could work with students and teachers more directly."

Brent Seaks will be serving as president in her absence, and the DPS website has an announcement of a board vacancy that must be filled. Applications are due Feb. 9. This position will be only for the remainder of the school year—the term will end June 30 and then it will be up to the voters to decide who will continue in that spot. Public school officials said that the election process will take place as it normally would.

As for the outgoing Ricks, Seaks had nothing but good things to say about his former fellow on the board.

"Sarah has been an excellent president of the school board, and our district was blessed to have her in that role," he said in an email. "She is very bright, well spoken and passionate about our district. She was a fantastic time manager as she was able to balance work, school and her family life while still spend long hours working on whatever was necessary to help the district."

Seaks said that what made her "special" in the role was that she continued to educate herself while serving on the board, taking classes to become a school district administrator.

"This gave her unique insight and perspective that most school board presidents would not have," he added. "It also allowed her access to resources in education that she often used to help us better understand issues. I will definitely miss her gifts on our board and her leadership, but I am glad it is her goal to use her gifts in a new way in our district."

Seaks said that Ricks had applied or had expressed interest in applying for the principal position over at Berg Elementary when it reopens next fall. He said she'd been planning on resigning from the board at the last board meeting, but the surprise resignation of Superintendent Doug Sullivan caused her to hold off until the recent special meeting, where the superintendent's departure was also a topic on the agenda.