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Meet Alexa Walby:Trinity student hopes to follow in family’s footsteps

Alexa Walby, senior at Trinity High School, stands before her favorite book series - Harry Potter. Alexa is a librarian assistant. (Kayla Henson / The Dickinson Press)

Alexa Walby knows exactly where to find the Harry Potter series in her school's library, and not just because she's the librarian's assistant. It's her favorite book series, and she's read and reread it numerous times.

She spends every seventh period in the library working as the librarian's assistant. She has a good relationship with the librarian, Rachel Ebauch, who was also her English teacher. Ebauch is one of the reasons Alexa wants to teach English when she graduates, she said.

"If I can have the impact she had on me on another student, that would make my whole life worth it," Alexa said.

Her mom is a teacher, too—of 4th grade at South Heart.

"It's just--teaching's always been a thing that I kinda knew that—I think I could be good at, just the way I've learned from (my mom) to interact with other people," she said. "I'm a pretty big people person, and I like to talk, and I love English; I love poetry and writing, and I love to read. It'd be something I'd be passionate about, so I think I would do well."

Her older brother is already following in their father's footsteps. He just graduated college with a degree in electronics. Their dad works at Consolidated Communications. They even share the same name—Easton.

"I remember when (my brother) was little, we got him a circuit board for Christmas, and he messed around with that thing forever," she said. "He loved it. So now, he's kind of doing that on a bigger, more important scale."

Her family is really important to her, she said.

"We're a pretty close family. My mom and my dad, they're my biggest supporters in sports and in academics," she said.

They have a lot to support. Alexa is captain of the volleyball team, on the basketball team and track team, choir and musical. She's on the prom committee and is vice president of the school's student council. She's part of Leadership Dickinson, a program organized by the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce to expose senior students to various community businesses. She's also a mentor for Best Friends Mentoring, which partners older kids with younger kids in the community.

"I think I just want to kind of take on the life that my parents' had because they found each other and they made it work," Alexa added. "As far as I know, we're all pretty happy in my house. I think if I could just find that for myself as well, that'd be pretty cool."