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North Dakota students learn code for Computer Science Education Week

Language Arts teacher Jackie Brown teaches her class about coding in her sixth grade reading class. Photo Credit: Austin Howard

FARGO — About 6,000 students throughout North Dakota have been participating in an "Hour of Code" during national computer science education week.

Gov. Doug Burgum and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler have encouraged changes to be made in K-12 education to emphasize computer science and online safety.

Jackie Brown, a language arts teacher at Discovery Middle School, was in charge of bringing out the fun in coding for her sixth-grade students. She said the skill can help bring out what students have a desire in doing.

"Through teaching them these coding strategies, I'm hoping that they might be able to find their own voice online and be able to express their creativity that way as they get a little older," she said.

Brown said there can be a parallel between computer science and reading, and believes it ultimately can show students there are more similarities than they had realized before.

"I think computer science has been looked at as a sort of the 'other' type thing, but I think a lot of the skills that we teach in a normal curriculum, the creativity, the critical thinking skills, can also go into coding," Brown said.