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Central North Dakota high school accidentally leaks student information to students, parents

MANDAN, N.D. — A central North Dakota high school leaked more than a thousand students' information, including lunch pin numbers and locker combinations, in a mass email the school said it accidentally sent on Monday, Jan. 7.

The emails were supposed to be spring semester schedules for Mandan High School students and parents, but instead the email contained information for all 1,024 students at the school.

Information in the email included names of students, addresses, phone numbers, school web portal login information, Department of Public Instruction ID numbers, student schedules and locker combinations.

Assistant superintendent Jeff Fastnacht said the technology the school uses for email was supposed to send a private message to every student and parent, but it was supposed to be done in batches, not as one large data dump.

Mandan Public Schools said it has been doing what it can to address the situation, and acknowledged it has a responsibility to protect students' information.

The district is working to provide new lunch numbers to students by Wednesday morning, Jan. 9, and school officials are urging students to not put valuables in their lockers.

School officials said they have no knowledge of the information being misused.