The Nadvornik family, who lost their home in a fire last November, gathered in Jerrica Pribula's classroom at Dickinson High School on Thursday to receive gifts from her independent living class and student council. Their son, Draven Nadvornik, is a freshman at the school.

Each of Pribula's independent living classes picks a service project.

"The service project always has to be helping somebody in need, and collectively they wanted to help the Nadvornik family because the fire was very recent for them," she said.

In the beginning of the quarter, students in her class brainstormed ideas to raise money for the family. The ideas the class liked were written on the board, and students picked which project they wanted.

"There were change jars set up around local gas stations and restaurants," Pribula said. "There was a bake sale; there was a dodgeball tournament, a candy wheel that lasted a week, tie-dye night, the 12- hour gaming night and bingo."

Senior Ethan Kleinsasser's group was in charge of the 12 hour-gaming night. On a Saturday in December, they hosted people from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the DHS library.

"We didn't know how good the turnout was going to be, but it actually went really well," he said. "A lot of people came in and they brought their own video game consoles and just played video games the entire day. We had pizza and snacks and stuff. Some people even stayed the entire time. We raised over $200 for the family."

The $200 was raised mostly by the $10 admission fee, with the addition of donations.

"One kid even brought in a whole change jar that he saves for donating every year, and it was like $50-$60," Kleinsasser said.

All the projects combined raised a total of $1,880, which the family will receive via check soon.

After the students told the family what they had raised and how, Maddy Hanel student council president, presented the family with a check for $687.

"Student Council had jeans day for the teachers where they could pay $5 or more to donate to the family to wear jeans," she said. "They can only wear jeans on Fridays, so we did it on a day where they can't."

The family has already received some supplies from the school's National Honor Society. Immediately after the fire, the organization collected money and donations from a list of items the family needed and gave it to them right away.

"I think it's really important, especially in Dickinson, to help each other out when the community has a problem," said Caitlyn Kolling, student council member. "It's really what being in a small town is all about; everybody's banding together and helping each other out when they need it."

DHS is one of three schools to help the family. Last year, Heart River Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary donated to the Nadvorniks as well.

Tabitha Nadvornik, Draven's mother, said not much has changed in regard to the state of their home, but their living situation has improved.

"We got a trailer of our own now, so we're not with Grandma and Grandpa anymore," she said.