During its August school board meeting, the Richardton-Taylor administration updated the board on enrollment and maintenance projects.

The school's enrollment is just three students down from where it was last year.

"Enrollment last year, Pre-K through 12, we had 357, and this year, Pre-K through 12, we have 354, so we're remaining steady," said Superintendent Brent Bautz.

The school's east parking lot, which has been an issue for students and staff in the past, is getting much needed improvements to help prevent the pooling of water that caused large puddles in the lot.

"We hired Winn Construction to pave our east parking lot ... and to do some sidewalk work and some other things for us. They're working on it right now, so that should be done in a couple weeks," Bautz said. "Winn Construction is basically taking care of all of our drainage problems, too. They're pouring splash pads. In this east parking lot, we put a drain system that goes underneath the road, so we'll have good drainage, and we'll get all of the water away from the school."

They are working on a couple of minor projects, too.

"We had an HVAC noise in one of the upper classrooms," Bautz said. "They're going to put in a full tile system in that room. Right now, it's just kind of like a cloud system. There's like three feet that's open all the way around the perimeter of the top of the ceiling. They're going to try to enclose that and see if that helps dampen the sound. If not, we'll have to put insulation on top of the tiles."

The epoxy floors in the kitchen and science rooms were worked on for the third time and are now finished.

Additionally, they received an update on the school resource officer program from Stark County Sheriff Corey Lee.

"We're going to have one SRO, and it's shared between the three schools for this year, but we still have an SRO, so that's good. Of course, they will be stopping in — deputies — every once in awhile, as they did last year," Bautz said. "It's been really nice working with Sheriff Lee. He's listened to our needs and what we wanted to see."