Have you ever been to another country? Not just Canada, but one far, far away? If you've been overseas, you may have found yourself excited by the many new experiences. Wanting to share them with people back home, you may have taken lots of photos and videos for when you got back.

Now, imagine if you were gone for years, living in a country that's popular with tourists. You might do what Aleksandra Voitcekhovskaia did - start a vblog (video blog).

Voitcekhovskaia, known by friends and family as Sasha, is an international student studying at Dickinson State University. She wanted to share her American college experience with people back home in Russia.

"I knew that I wanted to go to America to study to get a good education, and this exchange of cultures, it would be (an) incredible experience to me," she said.

Sasha said to her and many of her fellow countrymen, American education is Harvard, Stanford and MIT. Her family wanted to find something more affordable.

"We knew that there are small colleges in America, and it's also (a) great chance to try to apply and study there, and I found DSU," she said.

Sasha wanted to share her experiences with students who might be hesitant to take the step.

"I know there are a lot of people back home (who) also want to apply to America, but they think it's very expensive; it's far away; it's (a) very different culture," she said. "My purpose was to show people that there is nothing to be afraid of, and this great community at this great college; everyone's so friendly."

So she talked to the staff in the school's university relations department about how to spread the word, and they encouraged her to start her first vlog, #sincerelysasha.

"It's so much fun, and it's really helped people who (don't) know about such places," she said.

She now knows of two people back home who are thinking of sharing in the American education experience.

When Sasha started her American journey, she didn't know how to do so, where she would be, or what the expect, but she was excited.

"When I came to Dickinson first time, I was almost screaming in the car at Wynter; she's our international advisor. I was saying, 'Wow, I'm here!' My story started not just from the year I was accepted ... I wasn't accepted the first time, and I didn't give up, and I applied once again," Sasha said.

Although she does get homesick sometimes, Sasha's found a second family at DSU.

"I love DSU. I like people on campus. I feel like (it's a) big family. Everyone is very supportive, and I'm so happy to be here ... This small community's really great," she said.

Sasha's vlog covers orientation day, DeLong residence hall, the cafeteria, tutoring center, quarantine on campus and more.

Sasha is in her second year at DSU where she is majoring in business administration, accounting and finance. She wants to eventually become a financial analyst.