To say that Seth Herner enjoys math and science would be an understatement, as the Trinity High School graduate is heading to North Dakota State University this fall for just that reason.

Awarded the Presidential Award, valued at $12,000, as well as the Kenneth Hoefs Engineering Scholarship, worth $43,584, Herner was recognized for his excellence in high school and specifically in the fields of math and science.

The Presidential Scholarship was based on his ACT score which he scored a 33 and it was the highest score possible — a surprise even for the brilliant mathlete. The surprising score was made even more so when Herner came to the final portion of the test which was the hardest and centered on the sciences.

"I was just ready to be done with the test," he said. "I was tired."

With the excellent GPA, high testing scores and a clear understanding where he wanted to go, Herner began applying for scholarships to North Dakota State University.

“I went on the scholarship section of the NDSU website and filled out a general scholarship application. I ended up getting the (Kenneth Hoefs Engineering Scholarship),” he said. “I didn’t expect to get it, so it was a surprise. I filled an application that had school involvement, ACT score, extracurricular activities and work experience and I ended up getting it. It was really nice.”

When Herner arrives in Fargo this fall, he expects to begin his major in mechanical engineering.

“I am not sure where it will go, but if I am able, I may want to get into aerospace engineering because I have always enjoyed that and thought space is a really cool thing,” he said.

He doesn’t have his schedule yet for classes this fall as that will come over the summer, but he is excited about a new opportunity and new challenge.

Welcome week is the week of August 20, and Herner hopes to balance social life and academics in the correct way starting this fall.

He will miss the memories and friends he has made in Dickinson and at Trinity, and while he will keep those relationships, he knows that new ones await too.

“Trinity is a great school and I have had a lot of teachers who are good at their job in teaching. That helped me a lot on the test and they do a good job of preparing students for the ACT,” Herner said. “I have always enjoyed school and I guess it is because I have always been kind of good at it. I like math and science and it comes easy to me.”