Four Dickinson State University business students recently finished in the top 4 percentile nationally in the Peregrine exam.

The School of Business and Entrepreneurship, at Dickinson State University, offers the Peregrine business exam to all graduating seniors. The nationally-normed exam is an assessment designed to determine how proficient students are in various business fields. Students are asked questions pertaining to 11 fields, including accounting, business ethics, finance, marketing, management and quantitative statistics.

One of the top scoring students, Ms. Keera Stookey, had the following to say about her experience and thoughts on the Peregrine exam, “The first word that comes to mind when I think of the exam is 'prepare'. I think the exam is something that students shouldn't stress about. However, it is something that students should prepare for. I put in many hours studying for the Peregrine exam and it paid off. There were some questions that were very easy and there were other questions that were super challenging. I trusted my gut and I found success.”

“Scoring at this level, nationally, is exceptional,” according to Loretta Heidt, Chair of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SoBE). “Our school takes great pride in preparing our students for their continued education and careers. These scores demonstrate that our students are well equipped for their future endeavors.”

Heidt said that business students take the Peregrine exam online at the end of their final semester, prior to graduation. The University recently received the report with the scores for the 2019-2020 academic year. Sixty-five DSU students were tested this year, and as a group, they produced a mean institutional score in the 66th percentile. This means that the DSU students, as a group, scored higher than 66 percent of the students who took the exam nationwide at 240 other institutions.

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In addition, this year’s business graduates, as a whole, scored in the 71st percentile in the Business Integration & Strategic Management and in the 74th percentile in the Human Resource Management sections of the exam.

“As positions in both of these areas are escalating, our faculty are proud that DSU business students are equipped for these careers,” stated Heidt.

The School of Business and Entrepreneurship is accredited by the International Assembly for Business Education as well as the Higher Learning Commission.