MANDAN, N.D. — Officials at Mandan High School quickly removed a Trump 2020 flag displayed by students near the end of the school day on Friday, Oct. 2.

The flag, which endorsed Donald Trump's 2020 presidential bid, also included inappropriate language, according to Jessica Petrick, a spokesperson for Mandan Public Schools. In a statement released Monday, Oct. 5, the school system referred to the display only as a "political flag," but Petrick told Forum News Service that the flag included the words, "Trump 2020, No more bull----."

"The displaying of a political flag of this nature is inappropriate and is a violation of district policy," the school district said in the statement. "Once officials have finished investigating the incident, appropriate action will be taken. We apologize for any discomfort this caused to our community."

According to the district, a group of students brought the flag to the school and hung it in a classroom on Friday afternoon. School officials discovered the flag late in the day on Friday, but the district's statement notes that the flag was on display for less than a single class period.

Because of Mandan Public School's rotating in-person schedule during the pandemic, the students involved in the display will not return to the school's campus until Tuesday, and Petrick said no disciplinary action has been taken at this time.