A set of orange cones line the field behind Dickinson State University's agriculture building, along with a black and white semi-trailer truck.

Inside the truck, Victory Enagbonro, John Uribe and Roel Guerra are getting behind-the-wheel training for their Class A Commercial Driver's License, or CDL.

Their training is made possible in Dickinson by a partnership between Dickinson State University and TrainND Northwest at Williston State College.

While in the field, they'll practice driving, parking and inspecting the semi-trailer.

"We'll be practicing backing up in a straight line," said Casey Anderson, trainer. "I've got a course set up where they can practice the offset, which is basically a parallel park. They start in one lane and they move into another lane as if they're backing into a parking spot. I'll set up a course where they can back into an alley at 90 degrees."

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They'll inspect the vehicle to make sure it's safe for the road.

"They're looking to see the condition of every wearable component on the motor, so they're looking at oil level," Anderson said. "They're looking at leaks in other systems -- fuel system, exhaust system. They're looking for the integrity of the steering components, the breaks, the suspension, the integrity of the tires, looking for overall integrity of the outside of the truck, listening for air leaks and generally assessing if the truck is going to be safe once it gets on the road."

The three students spent most of the first week in the classroom, but the rest of their three-week, 120-hour course will be hands-on.

The cost to take the course is $6,500, but students may be eligible for funding to help offset the cost of training.

At the end of the course, they'll take a written test and a practicum test. If they pass both, they'll receive a certificate of completion for the course, making them eligible to take the North Dakota commercial driving test.

Those interested in the program can attend an upcoming open house hosted by the Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies at DSU, details of which are not yet available.

For more information, visit dickinsonstate.edu/cdl.

The training program is part of Dickinson State's dual-mission designation, in which it has been adding programs to address the specific needs of the community as reported to it by community leaders. This designation allows the university to offer continuing education courses, certifications, associate degrees and graduate degrees.