Students at Lincoln Elementary School celebrated the upcoming Halloween holiday as well as Red Ribbon Week, Wednesday, by wearing costumes to school and participating in socially-distanced activities.

The students guessed the weight of three pumpkins individually, then added up the numbers to get a combined weight of all three. Each class submitted their guess and were competing with the other classes in their grade level to see who could get the closest to the actual combined weight.

"One classroom at each grade level got a special treat for their guess being the closest," said Principal Tammy Peterson. "From Lincoln Lion they got a ghost Tootsie pop, and they also received a large ticket for ... and extra 15 minutes for recess that they can pick to chose whenever they want throughout the year, as a classroom.

"It was something so they could stay in their smaller groups in their classroom, and we live Zoomed into the classroom," said Jenny Thompson, paraeducator.

Students, teachers and staff were encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes.

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"At the end of the day, we used to do the March of the Costumes, like a costume parade, but this year since we will not be doing that, we're going to try to do some live Zooms into classrooms, and that way the teachers can share their students' costumes across the building," Peterson said.

Although the celebrations were a bit different this year, Peterson said it was important that they make them work.

"We're just trying to make it a great experience and make the best of it that we can and still be safe," Peterson said. "We're trying to make events fun for kids and for teachers. Allowing the students and teachers to dress up today was important to us. I think we all need that time to bring some giggles and laughs to staff and students and have fun and keep things as normal as possible."