Multiple comments flooded Killdeer Public School's social media account when a photo of an offensive Halloween door decoration was amongst pictures of the school's staff and students celebrating Halloween.

The school hosted a contest for the "best Halloween door decoration," and the announced winner drew the ire of some parents who saw it on social media and said it was "inappropriate and offensive."

The door depicted President Donald Trump's face with a speech bubble reading, "Make Halloween Great Again," and had Former Vice President Joe Biden's face with a speech bubble reading, "Pick me. Ummm... I have ummm... free candy."

The photo and the accompanying comments have since been taken down, as have the decorations themselves.

"We've received several phone calls and emails this morning in regard to the door decoration," said Killdeer Superintendent Jeff Simmons. "I believe it's a high school class that did this one. The door decorations have been taken down. I have visited with the teacher. She is very remorseful and sorry that this has caused a problem. I am sending out apologies to anybody that sends me an email, apologizing to anybody who finds what was on the door offensive, and we're dealing with it the best that we can."

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One of the emails the superintendent received read, "This is wildly inappropriate. Schools are funded by taxpayers. The job of educators is to teach the facts ... What kind of ideas are you putting in the heads of young children? You are implying that Biden is a pedophile AND making fun of his stammer."

The writer followed by saying that the teacher and administrator who allowed the display should immediately be fired.

In response to the email, Simmons wrote, "The items have been removed from the door. I have talked with the teacher and I apologize if this was offensive to anyone."