FARGO — Several North Dakota State University students are in hot water for being a part of what the university is calling a racist group on the social media app Snapchat.

The group is made up of mostly white students, and the name of the group includes a racial slur against Blacks.

A message shared by one of the group members said, "We're not racist, we just prefer white people."

A member of Fargo-Moorhead's Black Lives Matter chapter, who wanted to remain anonymous, said these words struck a sour chord with her and her friends.

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"It was just really disturbing knowing that they're adults, and they know the kind of consequences that happen with saying things like that," she said in a phone interview.

Casey Peterson, NDSU's dean of students, caught wind of this group about a month ago, and dealt with the NDSU students involved immediately.

"We occasionally get things like this, and it hurts," Peterson said.

When F-M Black Lives Matter shared the Snapchat group on its Instagram page, it included photos of some of the students involved, and one of those students responded to the post, saying he was guilty by association, and the group was intended as a joke.

One F-M BLM member said she's questioning if that's true.

"It made me really think about if these kids really were sorry for what they did and felt any guilt," she said. "It made me think, 'Are they really sorry, or are they just sorry people found out?'"

Peterson said the students have been talked to about these issues, but couldn't share what came out of those talks, per university policy.

He said if complaints keep coming, the students involved could face up to a suspension.