FARGO — Another hate speech investigation is underway at North Dakota State University, the third one in five days. It involves an email sent directly to President Dean Bresciani.

The six-paragraph email was sent late night on Monday, Dec. 7, to the president and several other administrators on campus. The email was described as having a threatening tone to it.

The email appears to be in response to president Bresciani's participation in a Black Lives Matter rally over the weekend as the school investigated two new hate speech incidents following one a few weeks earlier.

The demand of the protestors was to hold racist students accountable.

The email accuses the president as being biased and an anti-white political operative. It refers to him as evil and a detriment to the white race. It is signed by the NDSU European-American Student Union.

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Nobody could verify if the group really exists. However, Bresciani penned another campus-wide letter saying every student should feel safe on campus.

"We just don't want emails and phone calls, we want action, and we will hold them accountable to those actions, so NDSU will decide if that will happen," said Black Lives Matter member Solomon Sewell.