In a year where so many families in Dickinson have faced economic hardship, Trinity Catholic Schools’ annual food drive and Jug Wars fundraising events brought some much needed relief to the community.

“With the pandemic, a lot of families are finding themselves in different situations than maybe they have maybe in prior years, so our student council and Father (Kregg) Hochhalter have really focused on partnering with the Dorcas Society to continue this tradition, making Christmas possible for families in Dickinson,” said DeAnn Scheeler, director of mission advancement.

Trinity Elementary East and Trinity Elementary West students, grades preschool through fourth, completed their food drive last week for the St. Vincent De Paul Society.

Next, Trinity Junior High and High School students, grades 7-12, completed a weekly-themed food drive for the Dorcas Society. Each week, students brought a different item to school.

“There was one week where the theme was mac n cheese. Another week was diapers and health and beauty items,” Scheeler said. “We try to really work with the Dorcas Society to find out what our community needs the most, and then we structure our food drive around those items so we can make sure we’re filling the needs that exist instead of just bringing in random items that may or may not be needed by families in Dickinson.”

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She said they chose St. Vincent De Paul and the Dorcas Society specifically because they serve families in Dickinson.

“They’re very important to us because we know that it helps the people right here where we live,” Scheeler said.

Trinity Junior High and High School students also finished their annual Jug Wars competition, which raises money for the Dorcas Society, on Friday.

“We have those five-gallon water jugs wrapped in Christmas paper so you can’t see what’s inside, but each grade has one,” Scheeler said. The coins that get put in there add up, and any bills that are in there subtract from the total, so you can be strategic and put lots of coins in your class’ jug and then put dollar bills in other classes’ to subtract from their total.”

The winner of the competition was announced at the school’s Golden Mass, another time-honored Trinity Christmas event.

“We invite back alumni and parents and then our junior high and high school students, and it’s sort of the send-off before Christmas break,” Scheeler said. “This year, one unique thing about the Golden Mass is it’s at the Queen of Peace church, mostly because of the space; that church is significantly larger than our chapel here, and it allowed for us to socially distance.”