Fairway Street expansion moving forward

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Press Staff

Fairway Street will get an expansion this August.

The construction is part of a development agreement for Dickinson Hills Shopping Plaza, which will bring four national retailers to the west Interstate-94 business loop.

The City of Dickinson is seeking bids for construction of 1,100 linear feet of road, plus street lights, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and connections to city utilities.

"This was done as part of the development agreement with Dickinson Hills," City Administrator Joe Gaa said. "The city will put the street in. We worked with them to engineer the street. We'll bid it as a public project. We'll oversee it. And we'll assume it as a city street from day one."

Bids will be opened July 12 and sent to city commissioners for action in August.


The city will have greater control over the quality and condition of the street expansion than if it was done privately, Gaa said.

Problems are emerging with roads that were developed privately at the height of the oil boom.

"We had lots of streets coming in and we just couldn't keep up with it, so we had to let the developer do it," he said. "And now we're seeing some issues."

The expansion is expected to cost $1.37 million.

"The development agreement is written that that's the most the city will pay," Gaa said. "If it comes in more, the developer has to reimburse the city for those costs."

He added, "It's not going to cost us anymore, we're just hoping we get close to that."

The project would take only a few months to complete.

"(The street is) not very long," Gaa said. "Start to finish, probably 60 to 90 days should get us there. We figure we're on a pretty tight schedule, right up until Fall."


While the street is being constructed, work will start on Dickinson Hills Shopping plaza via a north access road.

Hobby Lobby, the project's anchor store, has already had its building permit approved by the city, Gaa said.

A single shell permit for TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree and Shoe Dept. is currently under review.

"Once they get their building permits, depending on where they're at with their contractors, they'll be getting started," he said. "It wouldn't surprise me to see some dirt turning here in the next couple of weeks."

The city is excited for both projects.

"One of the things about Dickinson growing in population is we need to grow in the services and amenities we have," Gaa said. "The city can't provide shopping centers and restaurants, but we can work with developers."

He added, "This is the city doing what we can with our limited resources to make that happen."

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