As the sun was beginning to set, residents on the southeast side of the city smelled the easily identifiable smell of burning rubber after a motorcycle caught fire in the driveway of a residence late Thursday afternoon. The Dickinson Fire Department promptly arrived to tame the flames of the freak incident, but not before the fire had spread and claimed a van parked adjacent.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., the Dickinson Fire Department received a call for service related to billowing smoke and an outdoor fire in a residential neighborhood on the 200 block of Seventh Street East. Within five minutes, fire personnel arrived at the scene.

“When we arrived, we did find the motorcycle fully involved and it had kind of extended into the van that was sitting next to it. We were able to get the fire knocked out, the van and get the motorcycle put out. It was pretty quick and easy,” Fire Chief Jeremy Presnell said.

According to the owner of the motorcycle, they had started the engine and went back inside their house for about 10 minutes before they returned to discover that the motorcycle had already ignited and the flames had spread to the van.

Presnell said the owner immediately called authorities.

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Though the fire originated from the motorcycle, Presnell noted that they do not know what caused the motorcycle to catch fire and the incident is still under investigation.

“The motorcycle is a complete loss and the van had significant damage,” he said.

There were no injuries involved in the incident. The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes and the Dickinson Fire Department were at the scene for about an hour to make sure everything was put out and to help with the clean-up, Presnell said, adding that two fire engines along with 12 firefighters were present. The Dickinson Police Department assisted with traffic control, he added.