According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Thanksgiving is the peak day for fires, averaging more than three times as many fires on Thanksgiving Day as on any other day of the year. While some were enjoying relaxation after the Thanksgiving festivities, the Dickinson Fire Department was again busy putting out a residential fire on Sunday evening on the southwest side of the city.

Fire Chief Jeremy Presnell said that the department received a call for service regarding an attic fire inside a home in the 300 block of First Avenue Southwest shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. A responding crew of 20 fire department personnel arrived on scene within five minutes and quickly contained the fire. There were no injuries and the fire was contained to the attic of the home, Presnell confirmed, noting, there was minimal structural damage.

"It was more so smoke damage than anything," Presnell said. “(They) quickly made entry and gained access to the attic (and) extinguished the fire. We were on the scene for a couple of hours; they got it out pretty quick.”

The home is an older house in the area, but it is still under investigation as to what caused the fire, Presnell continued.

When the Dickinson Fire Department arrived at the residence, the flames were mainly concealed to the attic which allowed for them to easily put out the fire. Assisting at the scene were also the Dickinson Police Department and Dickinson Area Ambulance.

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With the Thanksgiving holiday, which is usually a busier day of the year for the Dickinson Fire Department, Presnell remarked that this year “was extremely quiet.” Now that the holiday season is here, Presnell and the Dickinson Fire Department would like to encourage the people of Dickinson to be extra cautious with Christmas trees and sources of home heating.

“(It’s important) just to make sure that they’re watering their Christmas trees if they do have them up; don’t let them dry out and let them become a fire hazard. And just make sure you’re getting your wood stoves cleaned or your furnaces and stuff serviced,” he added.