Four candidates run for two new positions

Two new positions have been added to the Dunn County Commission since the primary election in June, said Reinhard Hauck, county auditor. Voters passed a measure expanding the commission from three to five members.

Two new positions have been added to the Dunn County Commission since the primary election in June, said Reinhard Hauck, county auditor. Voters passed a measure expanding the commission from three to five members.

"People had until Sept. 3 to file for those two additional spots," Hauck said.

Robert Kleeman, 58, who resides north of Killdeer and Casey Fredericks, 48, who resides northeast of Dunn Center, are vying for the fourth position, which is a two-year term.

Glenn Eckelberg, 64, of Killdeer and Tom Murphy, 51, who resides north of Killdeer, are vying for the fifth position, which is a four-year term.

Casey Fredericks


Fredericks has a ranch in Dunn County and has been ranching all his life.

He has a degree in agricultural business and has management and real estate experience.

"I think I bring experience, thoughtful and strong leadership," Fredericks said. "I pretty much say what I mean and mean what I say so I think that I can do a good job."

Planning in the county is an issue, he added.

"I think that I can help in that area to help get that going a little better," Fredericks said. "I don't think that it's the Dunn County that it was five years ago and it's going to change more."

He added building infrastructure is also important.

Robert Kleeman

Kleeman is a farmer and rancher in Dunn County.


"I'm running mainly because I want to stay ahead of the oilfield and keep Dunn County the way it was so when the oilfield leaves, at least Dunn County will try to kind of be like it was for tourism, livestock and farming," he said.

Some have mistakenly assumed Kleeman opposes the oil activity in Dunn County, he said.

"I don't consider myself anti oil, I just want to make sure that the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed when something is done in the county," he said. "I want to make sure that a lot of this stuff isn't let go because right now it's good for the community, but I want it to be good for the community in 10 years or 20 years, too."

He wants to address road issues in the county and wants to make school bus travel safer amongst heavy traffic.

Tom Murphy

Murphy is a Dunn County Rancher.

"I think that Dunn County is probably the best place to live in the United States and I would like to keep it that way," he said.

Murphy would like to get a gasification plant constructed in the county to keep more money in Dunn County.


"The roads and the dust control in the county are just horrific and I would really like to work with oil companies to get our roads up to par," Murphy said. "The oil companies are wanting to work with us because they don't want to have their trucks driving over these horrible roads and stuff too."

He would also like to work on bringing oil money back to the counties faster.

Glen Eckelberg

Eckelberg has been farming and ranching his entire life. He also worked in the oilfield and for Southwest Water Authority in the past.

He was in the military for four years, during the Vietnam War. Eckelberg also has a business education degree.

"I'm looking at a cooperative effort between everybody involved with what's happening in Dunn County," Eckelberg said. "Hopefully I can help pull some of that together."

He wants to use his experience to help with increased activity in the county.

"We're all stakeholders in this - oil business and the farming business and the business of the city - I think everybody has to be part of it," he said. "Yeah we have problems but we need to work out solutions for those."

Four other residents who got the majority vote in June are running for two positions on the commission -- Daryl Dukart, Donna Scott, Cliff Ferebee and Rick Reems.

Blake Seibel and Don Rockvoy are also vying for Dunn County Sheriff.

Other county officials are running unopposed -- Reinhard Hauck for county auditor/treasurer, Ross Sundeen for county state's attorney, Christy Larsen for county recorder/clerk of court and Larry Knudsvig is running for supervisor of the Soil Conservation District.

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