Four Dickinson Police employees receive life saving awards

Three officers from the Dickinson Police Department and Communication Specialist Andreya Little were awarded life saving awards during this week’s Dickinson City Commission meeting. Chief Dustin Dassinger speaks to The Press on these efforts and what it means for the department and community.

Dickinson Police Sgt. Matt Hanson and officers Mike Connole and Lasean Pickstock stand before the Dickinson City Commission Tuesday to receive life saving awards for their efforts in reviving an individual who was unconscious. (Jackie Jahfetson/The Dickinson Press)

Three Dickinson Police officers along with a communication specialist were presented with life saving awards for their efforts to save and revive unresponsive individuals.

Dickinson Police Department Chief Dustin Dassinger presented officers Mike Connole and Lasean Pickstock, Sgt. Matt Hanson and Communication Specialist Andreya Little with awards Tuesday evening during the employee appreciation portion of the Dickinson City Commission meeting at City Hall.

Connole, Pickstock and Hanson were all awarded with life saving awards for when a man, who had fallen over while working on Buckskin Drive, was turning purple and not breathing when the officers arrived on the scene. As the man’s family and friends watched nearby, the three officers then began chest compressions on the male subject and continued for over 20 minutes until EMS workers arrived to provide medical care. The male was able to begin breathing on his own after several AED shocks, hence saving his life.

Little received a life saving award for her concise instructions she provided over the phone to a 911 caller who was driving with someone that was unresponsive. Little received a call of an unresponsive male in a vehicle. She then directed the caller to remove the man from the vehicle and guided the caller in performing CPR on the individual. As officers and ambulance service were arriving, the subject was able to regain a pulse.

“Obviously, response (time) and being directly involved in saving an individual’s life applies to a life saving award. It’s nice to also recognize our public safety specialist Andreya Little as well, because that’s where it all starts,” Dassinger said. “It’s the call that comes in the dispatch center and (informs) the emergency responders to the right location. And oftentimes, they are on the line with the recording party and that call can be chaotic and very stressful.”


Hanson also received another life saving award during the commission meeting for an incident involving reviving a choking Able client. Hanson responded to the incident and attempted to perform the Heimlich, Dassinger said, adding, the client went unresponsive and so, he lowered the subject to the floor. Hanson provided chest compressions, dislodging the food inside the victim’s chest cavity further allowing the client to breath on his own.

The DPD also presents these awards at its annual banquet but Dassinger wanted these individuals to be recognized in front of the Dickinson City Commission and city officials for their efforts.

“On a daily basis, our officers go above and beyond to serve the community. It’s always nice to be able to recognize them for the services they provide to the community especially in a life saving capacity,” Dassinger said.

Mayor Scott Decker was pleased with the DPD’s recent performances.

“The one thing that I would also mention (is) that I know we see a lot of this stuff and people think it’s just it’s… what they should be doing. But this is a lot of times the persistence, above and beyond the call and working very hard,” Decker said.

All of the three officers — Connole, Pickstock and Hanson — have received awards in the past.

"I’m very proud of these individuals and the staff that I have. Every day they go above and beyond serving this community and it’s very nice to be able to provide them with recognition in front of the commission,” Dassinger said. “I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve been the police chief for the City of Dickinson for 10 years and I’ve been very lucky to have a very good staff to work with on a daily basis and very lucky to have a very supportive city commission and community to back us while we’re doing our job.”


Jackie Jahfetson is a former reporter for The Dickinson Press.
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