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HALLIDAY -- Joey Bogers wears many hats in this small town, but doesn't mind it because he wants to see the community he lives and works in survive. "I just want to give back to the community," Bogers said. "Friends have encouraged me to continue...

HALLIDAY -- Joey Bogers wears many hats in this small town, but doesn't mind it because he wants to see the community he lives and works in survive.

"I just want to give back to the community," Bogers said. "Friends have encouraged me to continue to be involved."

Bogers recently was recognized for his efforts to give back as he received the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Award. He was nominated by the Dunn County Job Development Authority, which is one of many organizations he participates in.

"I was surprised and shocked," Bogers said of receiving the award. "I didn't know about any of it."

Bogers gives back to his community in many ways. He has not only been on the Halliday City Commission for the past nine years, but he also helped get the Dunn County Jobs Development Authority started in the mid-1990s and is president of the board.


Bogers has been involved with anything from the Dunn County 9-11 Committee, which no longer exists, to the Dunn County Emergency Planning Committee. He has been on the emergency planning committee close to 12 years, he said.

For almost 15 years, Bogers taught hunter's safety education through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for youth in the area, but he has since retired from that activity. He also has helped continue the town's ambulance service.

Safety is important to Bogers, who has been the Halliday fire chief for the past 10 years. Bogers has been on the fire department since high school.

Every day is an adventure for Bogers, who oversees the daily operations of Cenex stations in Halliday and Beulah as the general manager. He doesn't have an official office since he bounces back and forth between the two stations.

"No day is the same," he said of work. "There's always something to do."

Originally Bogers' father, Joe, owned the Halliday store, which was a Texaco. His father is originally from Halliday and also was a city commissioner. Today, Bogers' parents, Joe and Deloris, live in Buffalo, Wyo.

"We moved to Bismarck when I was a year old, and from there we came to Halliday in 1968," Bogers said. "I've been here since then."

Bogers bought the family business from his father in 1986 with his wife, Nancy.


"Five years ago I leased the business out to Cenex of Beulah and about 2½ years ago, I became the general manager of both stores," Bogers said. "Before that, I leased it to them and managed the Halliday store."

The Bogers were high school sweethearts and now have three children and one grandchild. The couple's oldest son, Ryan, lives in Billings, Mont., and has a daughter. The couple's daughter, Bethanie, is at Minot State University obtaining a master's degree in speech pathology, and their youngest son, Reid, is in East Grand Forks, Minn.

Nancy is the assistant vice president at the Union Bank in Halliday.

As a community leader, Bogers doesn't seek the limelight. He enjoys helping others and is known among many as a "gentle giant" when it comes to his leadership.

"He's one of the best guys around," Cenex employee Roland Gleich said. "He's great to work with and is always helping out."

There have been many things Bogers has helped improve for Halliday, but a couple projects come to mind.

The first Bogers mentioned is setting up Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, which created more jobs with electronics assembly work.

Another project Bogers helped with was getting the Southwest Water Authority's Southwest Pipeline for the town and surrounding area.


Bogers hopes to continue helping the town and see things improve.

"I hope to see Main Street businesses survive," Bogers said. "Hopefully with the increasing oil activity in the area it will help us too."

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