Golf area to open inside WRCC

DICKINSON - Beginning Friday morning, local golf enthusiasts can tee off year around, as Dickinson's West River Community Center opens its new indoor golf area.

DICKINSON - Beginning Friday morning, local golf enthusiasts can tee off year around, as Dickinson's West River Community Center opens its new indoor golf area.

Dickinson Parks and Recreation District Director James Kramer said the golf area is to follow the same hours as the rest of the community center - 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturdays and 12-8 p.m. on Sundays.

The golf area is located in the tennis addition on the west side of the community center. The biggest attraction of the golf area is the 15-by-15 computerized golf simulator.

"You can select from 36 courses as well as a driving range. Four people can play (individually) at one time," Kramer said of playing courses on the full-color simulator. "On the driving range part of it, the computer will actually analyze your swing. It can analyze club speed, your club angle and distance."

The golf simulator also imitates different course playing conditions.


"The tee pad actually has different turf that represents hitting off the fairway, out of the sand and in the rough," Kramer said.

The golf simulator is capable of connecting people to online leagues and tournaments as well, Kramer said.

In addition to the simulator, the golf area has two practice stalls to hit balls into a net. Each stall is a 10-by-10 space.

Since the entire golfing room is only 25-by-50, Kramer said the maximum capacity is six paid golfers, which is enough for one person per hitting stall and four people using the golf simulator individually.

"The room will be controlled access. The door won't be open to the public at all times," Kramer said.

People will receive a key to gain access to the area when they pay for a session. The park district also intends to have pub tables and chairs available for groups as they use the area.

The fees to access the golf simulator are per hour and are $6 for one person, $5 per person for two people, $4 per person for three people and $3 per person for four people. There is a $2 per person per half-hour charge to use the other two hitting stalls.

"We have rental sets, but people are encouraged to bring their own clubs," Kramer added.


Although there is not a current age requirement, individuals under the age of 16 need adult supervision.

Kramer said there will be an attendant in the golf area to help people properly operate the golf simulator.

"We're going to have to train and teach people how to use it. It's going to take some time for people to learn the system," Kramer said.

He said the first three months the area is open is going to be a learning experience for everyone involved.

"We're going to really play this by ear and see how well this goes over," Kramer said.

In the future, Kramer said the community center intends to offer free clinics and informational classes to demonstrate how to operate the golf simulator.

Kramer said the idea of the golf area came up when the tennis addition was created. He said construction began on the golf area in June 2007. He added the cost of the tennis addition, maintenance, storage, offices and the golf area totaled $820,000.

Individuals interested in using the new golf area can call in advanced to reserve a tee time. Kramer said people are welcome to make walk-in appointments, but he expects the area to be considerably busy, so reserving a time slot is recommended.


To reserve a tee-time call 456-2070.

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