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Heiser is new Stark County Fairgrounds Manager

Lisa Heiser is Stark County Fairgrounds Coordinator, a newly created county position.

Hesier has been on the job for three weeks and is responsible for both the new Stark County Fairgrounds facility south of Dickinson and the Southwest Speedway.

She was drawn to the position not only because she'd heard the county is a great employer, especially from her husband, County Road Superintendent Al Heiser, but also because of the opportunities it promises to provide.

"Really, just thinking about all the things I could have an effect on out there. Anything from an indoor riding arena, which we don't have. Bowman is really the only one that has one even close that's a public facility," she said. "I thought, we could be doing a lot more."

Heiser comes to the position after 17 years with a Dickinson engineering company.

"That company gave me a lot of opportunity to learn supervision," she said. "I worked on a lot of engineering projects, like road and bridge projects, street seals, that type of thing, and managed budgets for them."

Heiser serves also as executive secretary for Northwest Barrel Racing Association, which encompasses five states.

"I've been doing that for eight years now," she said. "That's kind of my passion."

She also helps Killdeer Saddle Club promote their efforts.

"I do their website for them," she said. "They didn't have anyway to communicate with the community. I have some of those fun skills that I can create flyers and do some of those things for them."

Heiser's passion is horses, but she wants to see more than just horse events at the fairgrounds.

After posting a survey on Facebook, she found people would be interested in, among other things, kite-flying.

"I had never thought of that," she said. "Those are the things that I just get excited about because then I can bring something that's different that nobody's seen."

Heiser has already begun improving fairgrounds operations. First, by launching reviews of certificates of insurance.

"Those people that rent the facility have to provide a certificate so we can (cover) the risk of people being at the facility," she said. "The first thing I noticed, the Dickinson State University had the wrong address for the new facility. In essence, they weren't insured."

Heiser is also making changes to the grounds.

A roping box on the north end is being moved to the south end.

"We had people in the stands who couldn't see the people coming out of the roping box and couldn't see what they were really paying for," she said, "so we wanted to move that and make it more usable for everybody."

Heiser already is enjoying being fairgrounds coordinator.

"I had several job offers the week I interviewed for this position and this one made me the happiest," she said. "I got me excited. It doesn't seem like work at all. I really like what I'm doing here."