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Stark County Votes! City, county commissioners elected

Stark County clerks at Dickinson National Guard Armory Tuesday helped check in before casting their ballots for the day's primary election. (Brandon L. Summers / The Dickinson Press)

The results are in!

Tuesday's ballot featured races for both city and county commissioners and the school board, as well as races in surrounding communities and ballot initiatives.

In Stark County, for District 4, Commissioner Russ Hoff, seeking re-election, was defeated by challenger Carla Arthaud, 1,790 against 1,612.

Commissioner Ken Zander, District 2, running unopposed, was re-elected.

County State's Attorney Tom Henning and County Auditor/Treasurer Kay Haag both ran unopposed and were re-elected.

Three candidates were seeking the Stark County sheriff position.

Sheriff Terry Oestreich received 1,310 votes and challenger Corey Lee received 1,549 votes to face-off on the November ballot.

Deputy Harold Dentinger also pursued the position.

In Dickinson, four candidates are seeking two city commissioner seats.

Jason Fridrich and Klayton Oltmanns, commission vice president, were seeking re-election, and Kyle Jost and Nikki Wolla were challenging.

Fridrich received 1,329 votes and Wolla received 1,070, winning the seats.

The Dickinson School District board had six candidates pursuing three seats: John Menard, Katie Schlosser, Michelle Orton and Sarah Carlson challenged incumbent candidates Tanya Rude and Kimberly Schwartz.

Jason Rodakowski, an incumbent candidate, dropped out of the race in early May, although his name was still on the ballot.

Orton received 1,539 votes, Schwartz 1,521 votes and Schlosser received 785.

Dickinson's school district had a single measure on the ballot: Shall Dickinson Public School District No. 1 be authorized to increase the number of mills levied for the building fund from 10 mills to 20 mills?

School Board President Brent Speaks described it as more than a "rainy day fund," with the revenue going toward current district buildings needs. The measure failed, with 1,704 votes against, and 924 votes in favor.

In Gladstone, Mayor Cody Silbernagel was re-elected after running unopposed.

In Belfield, two sought the mayor role, with incumbent Leo Schneider being challenged by Kenneth Solberg. Solberg received 114 votes, defeating Schneider, who received 69 votes.

Belfield also had a single ballot measure: Shall the governing body of the City of Belfield be empowered to grant property tax exemptions upon application of new or expanding retail sector businesses?

The measure passed with 108 votes in favor and 77 against.

Democratic-NPL Party candidates Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and Mac Schneider, pursuing the U.S. House of Representatives seat, both ran unopposed.

Kevin Cramer was voted the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate over Thomas O'Neill, and will challenge incumbent Heitkamp in November.

Kelly Armstrong was voted Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives over fellow candidates Tom Campbell, Tiffany Abentroth and Paul Schaffner. Armstrong will face-off against Schneider in November.

Armstrong served as District 36 state senator and as North Dakota Republican Party chair.

Official results will be published in the Thursday edition of The Dickinson Press.