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Walhalla mother says her son was fired because of ADHD

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WALHALLA, ND--A Walhalla mom is speaking out for the first time exclusively with Forum News Service.

She says her son was fired from his job because of a disability. 

A first job for a 14-year old boy.

"His very first job. He was so proud of it. So proud of it,” said his mom, Julia Srnsky.

Julia Srnsky says her son, Lennon, worked at the gas station in St. Thomas, North Dakota last fall.

But it wasn't an easy transition into the workforce.

"He's 14 years old. I can't force his medication down his throat. Either he wants to take it or he doesn't want to take it,” said Srnsky.

Lennon has ADHD, a condition he’s lived with for years.

When Lennon started stocking shelves, he wasn’t taking his medication.

"For her to fire him because he couldn't concentrate when legally they're supposed to wait and accommodate him. When she knew that he has this ADHD. You know it's crazy," said Srnsky.

His mom says she told the manager about his condition shortly after he was hired.

Around six weeks later her son had a doctor's appointment scheduled to get him back on his meds in order to stay focused.

"He realized hey I need this medication, I want this job. I need it to work. And that's what devastates me the most because even though he was taking the proper channels to try to fix it and keep his job, she shot him down for it," said Srnsky.

But Srnsky says it didn't matter to the manager.

According to a complaint she filed with the North Dakota Department of Labor and Human Rights, the manager agreed to put the boy back on the schedule after he started taking medication.

But his mother says that never happened.

Forum News Service’s Kenneth Chase spoke directly with the manager at the gas station to see if the claims were true, but they told him they couldn’t comment.

It's a loss Srnsky says has devastated her son.

"I feel like he's being punished because of his disability. The way the whole thing's been handled--and it’s just not fair," said Srnsky.

And he hasn't been able to find work elsewhere.

"McDonalds, Burger King, I think there's Dairy Queen. And those are all jobs you think would call him back. So it makes me wonder what was the reference that was given?" said Srnsky.

While she waits for the state to potentially investigate their case -- she's asking Northdale Oil for an apology and some changes.

"If she would've had the proper training it might not have happened. So really this falls on the shoulders of Northdale."

A mother fighting for her son.