MINOT, N.D. — Sorry, Minot taxpayers. Your school tax bill really won't be going down by 9.56 mills.

School business manager Scott Moum told school board members on Thursday, Sept. 5, that there was an error in one place in the tax assessment letter that was sent out by the Ward County Auditor's Office last week.

Moum said he had estimated that school taxes would go down 2.16 mills and that was the information that the school district provided to the auditor's office.

However, when Moum looked at his own tax statement last week, he discovered that it estimated his school taxes would go down by about $140 per year when the estimate should have said they would go down by about $31 per year.

On Tuesday morning, Moum called the auditor's office to alert them to the error.

The auditor's office did indicate that they planned to place an advertisement in the Minot Daily News with the correction.