Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport requested a mill increase from Stark County.

The airport asked or four mills, for $257,816, from the county, an increase from its current one mill, which yields $64,454.

"One of the things we did this year, the airport board approved a resolution making a formal request from Stark County for four mills for capital improvement projects," Airport Manager Kelly Braun told county commissioners on Sept. 3.

The airport recently completed its 2020 budget and is projecting $1.5 million in income.

A good portion of its income comes from city and county mills, Braun said.

Other sources of income include landing fees, fuel flowage fees, leases and car rentals.

The airport has several urgent capital improvement projects, and most airport funds are going toward its current runway rehabilitation project.

The capital improvement projects don't qualify for state or federal funds, Braun said, and are projects that require "a substantial amount of work."

One problem area is the airport's fixed-base operator hangar.

"We have a big door that's reached the end of its serviceable limit, becoming maintenance intensive, and safety is a big concern," he said. "It was put up before there were modern safeguards put in place, such as drive guards, and that's a door we'd like to replace."

The FBO building roof is also leaking and damaging offices, Braun said.

A second hangar needs its door replaced, and the airport wants to remodel its terminal to better accommodate increasing passenger traffic.

It would cost roughly $36,000 to replace tne large FBO hangar door, and about $32,000 to replace the smaller hangar door. Roof repairs would cost about $300,000.

"If the funding that we're requesting from the county doesn't come through at the amount we requested, obviously those capital improvement projects at the bottom of the list would have to get pushed off," he said.

Dickinson city commissioners approved four mills for the airport, or roughly $475,000, all of which is going toward the runway project.

The city has also made substantial pledges to the project.

The runway rehabilitation project, which started in April, is "going well," Braun said.

"The funds we've received from the county in the past are going towards that project, same with the city," he said. "The funds the airport is able to generate are very limited, and that runway is a project."

Commissioner Carla Arthaud spoke against immediately granting the mill increase. "I don't think we're going to get into mills, which takes the chance of raising our property taxes," she said. "I think we can look into the general fund once December comes along."

She added, "I don't think we can allocate four mills toward this."

Commissioner Jay Elkin suggested extra money might be available in the county's reserves.

"That's why we have the reserves, is to help with projects like this. Infrastructure projects," he said. "We can look at that at a later date."

Commissioner Ken Zander concurred, saying the county wasn't prepared yet to make such a commitment.

"I think there's a willingness to do something for you guys," he said, "but at this stage I'm not ready to commit to that."