Residents in Dickinson could experience better cell coverage as early as next summer.

Dickinson Planning and Zoning Commissioners approved special use permits for two new Verizon wireless communication towers, last week.

Both towers were originally approved in 2015 but expired.

The first tower, called “BBQ,” will be an 80 foot tower with antennas and equipment internal to the pole and no lights. It will have two additional canisters that can be used by other cell providers. The tower will be located at 1398 Gum Ave. in Dickinson, an area owned by Parks and Recreation.

“It is going to be the home of a future park facility adjacent to the interstate, just west of 10th Ave. E,” City Planning Director Walter Hadley said. “It appears to fit in as best it possibly can. It’s tucked in the northeast corner of that side along 10th Ave. E. It doesn’t appear as if it will cause any bumps in the use of the park. It will also improve our cell coverage.”

During the city’s public hearing for the issue, resident Laura Perry expressed concern about the location of the tower, which wasn’t evident on the map she received in the mail.

“I’m just scared that it’s going to make the area a lot smaller and cut down more of our trees that we really like to have back there to help with the interstate barrier,” she said.

The commissioners showed Perry and another resident on the map that the tower will be located on the northeast corner of the area toward the bridge, which lessened their concerns.

Commissioner Troy Bosch motioned to approve the permit, Commissioner Shirley Dukart seconded it and the motion was approved with one no vote by Commissioner Dean Franchuk.

The second wireless communication tower, named “Tiger,” will be located in an industrial area owned by Fisher Sand and Gravel, at 3131 Energy Drive. The monopole, which will have external antennas, will be 150 ft. tall.

No members of the public wished to voice comments on the permit. Commissioner Scott Karsky motioned to approve the permit, Commissioner Troy Bosch seconded it and the motion passed unanimously.