Dickinson City Commissioners will now be required to publicly disclose their interests annually after the passage of ordinance #1694.

At a special commission meeting June 23, Christina Wenko, city attorney, explained to the new commissioners the purpose of the disclosure of interest forms.

“This is to require an annual disclosure of commissioners’ interests essentially to prevent any conflicts, to make the public aware of any interests, and as the interim city administrator (Linda ) Carlson had mentioned at the last committee meeting, the real push behind this is for auditing requirements … The city often gets asked whether we have these forms in place, so this will alleviate that concern from an auditing standpoint,” she said.

A public forum was held regarding the form, but no members of the public participated. There were no questions or comments from commissioners, and the motion to adopt ordinance #1694 was unanimous.

The form requires that all city commissioners make a full and public disclosure of any financial or personal interest in business transactions with the City of Dickinson and any private employment arrangements with entities engaged in business transactions with the city.

The form defines financial interest as "any interest which yields, directly or indirectly, a monetary or other material benefit (other than the duly authorized salary or compensation for services to the City) to you or any person employing or retaining your services."

It defines personal interest as "any interest arising from blood, marital or adoptive relationship whether or not financial interest is involved."

This was new commissioners Suzi Sobolik and John Odermann's first city commission meeting in which they took their oaths of office and were assigned committees in which to participate.

Committee/board assignments are as follows:

  • Mayor Scott Decker: Community Relations, Employee Pension Plan Boards, Government Relations Community, Planning and Zoning, Stark Development Manufacturing Round Table and SW Regional Grant Committee.
  • Vice President Jason Fridrich: Community Action Board, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Dickinson Downtown Task Force, Planning and Zoning, Senior Grant Committee and Stark Development Corporation Board
  • Nicole Wolla: Downtown Dickinson Task Force, Joachim Museum Board (SWND Museum Foundation), Roosevelt Custer Regional Council, Stark County Historical Society, Stark County Planning and Zoning and Subsidy Grant Committee
  • Suzi Sobolik: Employee Pension Plan Boards, Joachim Museum Board (SWND Museum Foundation), Stark County Historical Society, Stark County Planning and Zoning Board, Sunrise Youth Bureau and SW Regional Grant Committee

  • John Odermann: Dickinson Public Library Board, Dickinson Regional Airport Authority, DID Board, Government Relations Community, Stark County Job Development Member, Stark Development Board, Subsidy Grant Committee