Around the city of Dickinson, there are employees from several departments who make the city the way it is with their hard work, dedication and daily acts of service. Though their work is expected and their duty, it does not go unrecognized by those in leadership.

City Administrator Brian Winningham presented recognition certificates to several different city employees for their efforts during Tuesday’s Dickinson City Commission meeting at City Hall, which was the first meeting of the year.

Winningham noted that it’s important to acknowledge the work of certain employees, and hopes to continue on with this ceremony moving forward with public commission meetings.

“This is something we (are) going to implement as part of our city employees and city government as part of a brief recognition for certain employees for acts that we feel we want to be recognized publicly or acknowledged in front of the commission,” he said, adding, “And we’ll grow this process as we go down the road this year and hopefully be able to inspire others to continue to do great work. We can’t see all of the great work that occurs within city government but if we can capture the ones that are the most pressing and we can acknowledge them, I think it’ll bring goodness to what we’re trying to accomplish to help our employees do better for the citizens.”

Human Resource Coordinator Shelly Nameniuk received recognition after she successfully passed the Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional certification exam. Engineering Technician Mark Essler earned his recognition after years of remarkable customer service and diligence to the community.

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Assistant City Engineer Loretta Marshik has known Essler since the beginning of her employment with the City of Dickinson, and provided a few comments on his 16 years of service.

“He has a wonderful work ethic that is hard to come by I think these days. He also has wonderful customer service skills. Even when things get really difficult, Mark always has a wonderful attitude, very positive and is always working to help the public,” Marshik said.

However, Essler is retiring this month, Marshik said, noting that it will be bittersweet to see such a humble employee venture onto his next journey.

The final recognition came at the hands of the Dickinson Fire Department, stemming from a Nov. 16 incident in which a crew of four fire personnel rescued Jake the Siberian Husky after he had fallen through ice on Heart River. Lt. Tyler Scott and firefighters Michael Roy, Jared Rhode and Mason Geiger were honored with recognition certificates for their life saving efforts.

“This is just one small example of what our firefighters and our responders do on a daily basis. We don’t often get to recognize that. This is one that came to my attention, so I felt compelled to recognize them,” Winningham noted.

In the final moments of the meeting, Dickinson Police Chief Dustin Dassinger and Stark County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Corey Lee presented a plaque to Dr. Dennis Wolf for over 50 years of service in his capacity as coroner for the city.