The Stark County Veteran’s Service Office announced that funds, totaling $5,000, received through a donation by Marathon Petroleum's Dickinson Renewable Diesel Facility will help provide free local transportation and gift cards for food and gas purchases for veterans of Stark County.

The contribution is made possible through the refinery’s employee Veteran’s Network, and will provide 750 one-way trips for Veterans in need, a $3,000 valued contribution.

The Veteran's Network also worked to hold a fundraiser, which raised an additional $2,400. Funds raised from the event went toward the purchase of gift cards for food and gas, raising the total contribution to over $5,000 in support the veteran’s of the county.

“This is one of the largest donations we have received in support of our veterans,” Jessica Clifton, Stark County Veteran’s Service Officer, said.

Clifton provides services to veterans of Billings, Hettinger and Grant Counties, and provides assistance in receiving benefits veterans or eligible family member are owed as a result of a veteran's service. Contributions such as the one from the Marathon Petroleum's Dickinson Renewable Diesel Facility are crucial in Clifton's role in assisting veterans.

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“We appreciate the Dickinson Renewable Diesel Facility’s Veteran’s Network for ensuring access to transportation and increased mobility for those in Dickinson who have served our country," she said. "I am truly humbled by the outpouring support of the employees of Marathon Petroleum, who have given so generously with the donations of food and gas gift cards to help the Veteran in our community.”

Veteran's Network President Alfred Harris, himself a veteran, said the commitment Marathon Petroleum's Dickinson Renewable Diesel Facility has for veterans in the community is a top priority.

“The team at the Dickinson Renewable Diesel facility prides themselves on supporting those who have sacrificed so much,” Harris said. “We are honored to partner with local organizations to provide our local veterans with the necessary transportation and basic items they need in their day-to-day lives."

Harris added, "As fellow veterans, this means a lot to us.”

Dickinson Public Transit's Assistant Executive Director, Erin Humphrey, highlighted the cooperation of all parties in making a positive impact in the community.

“The partnership we have with both Marathon Petroleum and the Stark County Veteran’s Service Office is having a positive impact in the lives of Veterans’ across our community," Humphrey said. "Dickinson Public Transit is here to help our citizens get to where they need to go.”

Public Transit works to meet the changing transportation needs of Dickinson and the surrounding area by providing transportation to the general public with the mission to improve people’s quality of life by providing freedom of mobility to the residents of Dickinson.

For more information about Dickinson Public Transit, call 701-483-6564 or visit

Additional information concerning the veteran program or to obtain vouchers for free Dickinson Public Transit rides within city limits, veterans can contact Stark County Veteran Service Office at 701-456-7654.