The Dickinson City Commission provided a cumulative score to City Administrator Brian Winningham on Tuesday, July 6, at City Hall for his six-month evaluation, with a high rating thus far.

Mayor Scott Decker noted at the meeting that he is pleased with Winningham’s performance of a 4.7 rating. The scale is rated 1-5, with 1 being the poorest and 5 as excellent, and it is based on six categories: job knowledge, work quality, leadership and relationships, initiative, communication/listening skills and dependability.

“Overall the commission in their evaluations have scored Mr. Winningham (as) either very good to excellent in his position right now,” Decker said. “... The commission is overly satisfied with his performance… He is, in my opinion, doing an excellent job for us in the city. His job knowledge, some of the quotes from commissioners he quickly adapts to situations, gathering information that’s needed. Challenges himself every day in the role as city administrator. He brings an expertise to the position that the city never had before.”

Though Winningham said he strives for a perfect score, he will take all of the critiques and comments to build what he has done so far.

“First, I’d like to say thank you for the commission and not mostly but also the city staff for just being able to guide me along the way. It’s always a team effort. I kind of feel like the NFL guy standing there making comments about his team effort — I can make all these platitudes. (But) it’s absolutely true though, so I don’t feel so bad for those guys. Because yes, it’s the staff that’s with you, it’s the people around you, they absolutely could sabotage me at any time and it would all go downhill but that’s the greatness of this city,” Winningham said. “The staff really wants the city to run well and the citizens here that I have met also are able to support the city. So I’m just thankful for the opportunity.”

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Some of the comments that the commission irritated in the administrator evaluation were that Winningham’s “work quality is excellent,” “he holds people accountable and he’s done everything in a professional manner,” “he has a steady hand and he has the framework for continual improvement for individuals in the city as a whole.”

“It’s nice that there’s room for improvement on this,” Commissioner John Odermann joked, as the commission chuckled. “Because the last six months have been phenomenal, so if he continues to improve these scores, I can’t think of where the city is going to go. So keep up the good work.”

One of the commissioners wrote that Winningham is committed to shining light not only on issues within the city but give credit to those that keep Dickinson thriving. Winningham has done so with the employee recognition program that began in January.

Following the meeting, the commission went into executive session to talk about Winningham’s contract, addressing some of his requests but also long-term needs of the city.