Halliday post office to reopen next week

HALLIDAY - After being without a post office for several months, Halliday residents will finally have a place to get their packages and pick up their mail next week.


HALLIDAY – After being without a post office for several months, Halliday residents will finally have a place to get their packages and pick up their mail next week.

The Halliday post office will officially reopen on Feb. 1, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., announced in a press release on Friday.

David Walth, president of Halliday’s city commission, said the office was closed in October due to fears of mold in the building. While no mold was actually detected in the post office, crews still came in to make repairs, clean and paint the walls to help brighten the building.

“That in itself (repainting, cleaning, etc.) took some time,” he said. “Now it’s passed an inspection from within the Postal Service and has passed an outside inspection, so now they have released it and said they can open up on Feb. 1.”

Halliday residents were having to drive 16 miles out of their way to Golden Valley in order to pick up and mail packages until the Postal Service opened a temporary facility in Halliday City Hall. However, people could only pick up their mail between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., which inconvienenced some residents.


“Anybody that worked was in trouble because they couldn’t get there in time,” Walth said.

Erica Leach, a Halliday resident, said the community is “elated” to finally have its post office back.

“It’ll be great to be back in the building,” she said.

Leach said it was difficult to ship packages and get the mail at the right time.

“It’ll be a little more convenient once we can just check our boxes after work once someone’s gone, and we can still pick up our mail,” she said.

Walth said the city commission was “united” in doing everything they could to help the situation.

“It’s fun to work on a project where everybody has a unified goal and works toward that goal,” he said.

Heitkamp worked with Postmaster General Megan Brennan and the Postal Service to take immediate and concrete steps to make sure mail service was not completely disrupted in the community, the release said.


“In close-knit rural towns like Halliday, even a temporary closure of the local post office can mean severe disruptions for families trying to stay in touch or businesses working to stay on track,”  Heitkamp said. “... Nearly every day since (the closure), my staff on the ground in Dickinson and I worked to bring about a permanent solution – and that’s exactly what will happen in February when the Halliday post office is set to reopen.”

Heitkamp’s staff, as well as members of the Postal Service, have been “instrumental” to helping the town, Walth said.

“We were very fortunate to have that help,” Walth said. “And of course the Postal Service, the district director from Sioux Falls and his assistant were very instrumental in helping us as well.”

Heitkamp has worked to improve mail service across North Dakota -- particularly in rural areas, the release said. Last August, Heitkamp brought Brennan to North Dakota to visit a mail-processing facility, hear firsthand from community and business leaders about how North Dakotans have been impacted by slow service and delivery delays and discuss lasting solutions to improve their mail delivery and service.

Walth said ultimately they are excited to have their building back, so they can pick up their mail from their P.O. boxes at anytime, instead of having to get it from someone directly who was only available at certain times of the day.

“I think we’ll get back to a routine again,” he said. “.... It was trying, but we’re very fortunate and grateful that we got the problem resolved and that we’re back in the post office, the designated post office again.”

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