House editorial: Take time to enjoy the arts

About 95.4 million watched the Steelers win Super Bowl XL, but only 36 million tuned in for the Oscars. Where has the love for the arts and entertainment gone?...

About 95.4 million watched the Steelers win Super Bowl XL, but only 36 million tuned in for the Oscars. Where has the love for the arts and entertainment gone?

The multitude of films brought to attention during last Sunday's Oscars revealed how few films are released to the big screen in southwestern North Dakota. Many independent films don't make it here and people from Dickinson drive to Belfield for some variety, and sometimes the films they long to see aren't there either.

Many great films, aside from the big blockbuster movies, don't make it here. For example, an amazing independent film like "The Deaths of Ian Stone" is one of many films that didn't come to Dickinson. But more recently newer and bigger movies have passed Dickinson by, and just within the last month, including, "Inkheart," "Notorious," "Taken" and "Under the Sea."

Though this may seem insignificant to some, many want to see these films. Movies are an art form and should be appreciated for their content and ability to carry the audience into an unknown world of eye-popping special effects while reaching into the imagination. Movies can scare you, make you laugh, cry, love, hope and cheer all within at least 90 minutes.

People shouldn't shut themselves out from great opportunities at expanding their horizons when they have the means nearby.


Movies are not the only art form, paintings, sculptures, live theater and photography, just to name a few, also should be considered. Art needs to be appreciated and not abandoned because it enriches our lives. If you would like to continue watching the same predictable TV shows be our guest, but try watching, creating and bettering yourself by taking arts and entertainment seriously.

The isolation of North Dakota doesn't always allow for a number of arts and many people aren't accepting of it when they see it.

Dickinson State University offers numerous opportunities, from live theater and art exhibits to community programs, some of which are taking place this week. While some take part in those, we urge more to do so.

The city's Community Concerts and Arts in the Park are other opportunities to witness art in motion.

There is more to life than one type of music!

Be receptive to new things.

Expand your minds.

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new and exciting.


Surprise yourself.

Step away from the TV and Wii.

Belfield garden a good idea

Sharing work, sharing food and sharing the fruits of their labor is likely in the future for Belfield students and they deserve accolades.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture is providing $1,000 to Belfield Public School to start a garden.

FFA members, elementary students and, if all goes as anticipated, volunteer community members will join in to build and tend the plot.

As Agricultural Commissioner Roger Johnson said, school gardens are "the basis for lifelong skills."

What a great way for a school to connect with the community, while showing those who may have never created a garden how it works. Another benefit is keeping a little green space in town, green.


Young and old working side by side watering, watching and weeding will be work but it will be rewarding. And once those veggies pop up, the youngsters will surely be proud. Not to mention the healthy snacks that will be created.

-- The Dickinson Press Editorial Board meets weekly to discuss issues of local importance. Members include Publisher Harvey Brock, Editor Jennifer McBride, Copy Editor Brandon Sieben and community member True White.

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