'Legend of Robin Hood' film showing is planned for Mott, Hettinger

MOTT -- The film version of the musical production of "The Legend of Robin Hood" by Regent native Andy Jacobs debuts at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 31, at the Mott Playhouse Theater.

MOTT -- The film version of the musical production of "The Legend of Robin Hood" by Regent native Andy Jacobs debuts at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 31, at the Mott Playhouse Theater.

Other showings are slated at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 1, in Mott and at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 2, in the Hettinger Theater.

The original musical play was performed and filmed in August by 17 local area artists, four veteran actors from the New York theater community and an 11-piece orchestra at Dickinson State University's Dorothy Stickney Auditorium.

Although crowds didn't flock to the performances in the first two weekends in August, New England Commuity Arts Committee Incorporated President Lewellyn Rustan said the production was a success.

"We knew that would be a challenge, presenting the musical in this area in August. With this being an agricultural community, plus late summer being a last chance for vacations, travel, camping and spending time at the lake, we expected to play to less than full-house crowds," he said in a press release.


The musical was well-written, script, score, music, all of it, he added.

"It has romance, humor, action and drama; evoking emotional responses on every level," Rustan said.

The production and showing is sponsored by the committee and Living Room Productions which is the company writer and creator Jacobs' belongs to in New York City. The players had filming done to expose all involved to the New York theater district and Jacobs hopes the work will reach the big stage.

"It certainly is worthy of that market," Rustan said. "There have been a number of plays on Broadway that are not nearly as well written. It's just a matter of getting this one seen by the people in positions to take it there."

The film has been edited with the copyrights being secured now for further release. Orchestral arrangements are being refined at this time and completion is set for Tuesday, Jan. 1.

The cast of the production have been invited to come back to attend the debut showing. Those attending will be in full costume and can visit with patrons.

Rustan said at this time they are unsure how many from the cast are able to make it.

The filming of the production was done in several intervals and has been worked on since August.


"The crowd reactions won't be what we'reshowing now," Rustan said. "They also edited out things like changing sets in between scenes so it the film moves from scene to scene without interruptions."

There were two takes of filming done without an audience and one filming of a live performance, he added.

"The film is a mix of different shots taking the best of stage action and blending it all together," Rustan said.

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