Lift Station project gets $2.37 million state loan

Dickinson's Lift Station 1, at East Broadway Street, is being rebuilt. The construction project is expected to cost $1.76 million. (Brandon L. Summers / The Dickinson Press)

Dickinson's Lift Station 1, at 500 Broadway St. E., is being rebuilt.

The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality has awarded a $2.37 million Clean Water Revolving Fund loan for the project.

The construction project is expected to cost $1.76 million.

"It was one of the lift stations identified in our 2014 (comprehensive) plan as needing some improvement," Gary Zuroff, public works director, said. "We went for it with preliminary design, bid the project out and the bid has been recently awarded and construction on some of it will probably begin soon."

As the city has grown, all new waste water system projects have used CWSRF funds.


"That was a decision made at the beginning of the boom, that one of the funding strategies for waste water would be using state revolving funds," Zuroff said.

Previous loans on lift station and sewer projects have also been state revolving funds.

The loans have been very helpful, Zuroff said.

"And the interest rates on those loans have dropped from 2.5 to 2 percent," he said. "That's 1.5 percent, with a 0.5 percent (administration) fee."

Most lift station projects have been new construction or expansions to accommodate the city's growth.

"This one, the only thing we're keeping are the manholes in the ground," Zuroff said. "We're keeping some of those and we're building new pumps, new piping and a new building."

The current Lift Station 1 is outdated.

"The capacity is not enough to maintain what we have now," Zuroff said. "It needs more capacity. It needs bigger pumps, more gallons per minute, and also some of the building doesn't meet current building codes."


Lift Station 1 is an important part of the city's water infrastructure.

"It basically takes some of the drainage basins from the western part of Dickinson and some from the south," Zuroff said. "It was one of the original ones for the system that actually pumped to the original waste water plant, which has been long gone. It was prior to the lagoons even."

Construction will not affect services in Dickinson, Zuroff said.

At its East Broadway Street and Fourth Avenue East location, there may be some bypassing of sewer lines.

"You might see some above ground piping and some pumping as we do some bypassing on that system, but residents shouldn't see any change in their services at all," he said.

Seeing the project finally begin construction is exciting, Zuroff said.

"It's good, now that we've done a lot of the bigger systems, bigger lift stations, on the growth, now we're finally getting back to rebuilding and maintaining the interior infrastructure," he said. "It's good that we're getting this done."

Zuroff expects project to be completed Spring 2020.

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