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Lincoln offers free stress assessments for teachers

Kylie Simnioniw offered free stress assessments for the teachers at Lincoln Elementary School. (Kayla Henson / The Dickinson Press)
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A 2013 Gallup poll asked professionals of various fields: "Did you experience stress during a lot of the day yesterday?" The percentage of K-12 teachers who responded "yes" was tied with nurses for the highest percentage — 46%.

Lincoln Elementary School has teamed up with Simnioniw Family Chiropractic to assess and manage the school's staff members' stress, on a free and voluntary basis.

"I think as we focused on social/emotional learning for our students and creating that caring environment … we really want to ensure that our teachers are taken care of as well as our students," said Principal Tammy Peterson. "For us to be well and be able to take care of our students and fellow staff as a Lincoln school community, we have to take care of ourselves."

Staff members signed up for one of two days to see Kylie Simnioniw for 10-minute sessions.

"She does a couple of scans that target where and how we’re carrying our stress so that we’re aware of that and can then take steps to self-care and manage it," said Amber Fridley, school counselor.


She said they hope to expand the service.

"We started with staff, and our hope is to even pass that on to students, too, and allow families the opportunity to see because even our kiddos have stress and carry stress with them in the day," Fridley said. "Kylie had a great plan and she has really great ideas for how we can do that. (She’s) a great community support for our school."

Peterson related the assessments to the school's goal of becoming a High Reliability School .

"The area that we’re working on right now is being a safe and collaborative school," she said. "I think to reassure our teachers are feeling safe and comfortable within the school setting. We know our days of in and out can be a little stressful at times."

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