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Beyond reproach: Stark County promotes three deputies in first quarter ceremony

Three deputies of the Stark County Sheriff's Office were recognized Thursday with promotions in a ceremony at the Stark County District Courthouse. Sheriff Corey Lee said he's grateful for their loyal service to the department and the people of Stark County.

Sgt. David Wallace Jr., left, Sgt. Scott Masters, center, and Cpl. Bobbi Tessier at the Stark County Courthouse on Thursday after receiving their promotions from Sheriff Corey Lee.
Sgt. David Wallace Jr., left, Sgt. Scott Masters, center, and Cpl. Bobbi Tessier at the Stark County Courthouse on Thursday after receiving their promotions from Sheriff Corey Lee.
Jason O'Day / The Dickinson Press
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Reposing special trust and confidence in the loyalty and ability of his deputies, Stark County Sheriff Corey Lee promoted three in a pinning ceremony at the Stark County District Courthouse on Thursday. The three Stark County Sheriff’s Office deputies included David Wallace Jr. and Scott Masters, who were both promoted to sergeant, and Barbara "Bobbi" Tessier who was promoted to corporal.

“You (Wallace) have a big heart under that hard and crusty surface that you always pretend to have,” Sheriff Corey Lee bantered. “DJ is a great family man. That clearly translates to the job, through the care and oversight that he conveys to his shift.”

Wallace, who has been with the department since 2012, said he had not prepared a speech, but that he was very thankful for the support of his family and the department.

“Scott has an aura about him that attracts people, probably doesn’t hurt that he has the baby face of an overgrown five year old either,” Lee joked of the soon to be promoted sergeant.

Lee continued with praise of Masters in a message conveyed in a more serious and heartfelt tone.


“Scott is someone we all trust and that each of us would go through any door with, in any place at any time. Scott is somebody you know will always have your back regardless of the darkness and danger that lay ahead of you… even through his terrible sense of humor,” Lee said. “Scott's commitment and dedication to our department is unquestionable. And we all love him for that and so much more. Scott is a fantastic dad, a great husband and he will make an even better sergeant.”

Masters, who joined the department in 2020, was emotional in expressing his gratitude at the podium.

“I’d like to thank my family and Corey, thanks for giving me the opportunity. Eldon, Ray, Jesse — you all gave me the opportunity as well. Like Corey said, DJ has helped me through a lot of stuff. He answers any questions we have, great guy. Glad to work beside you. Thank you all,” Masters said.

Lee described Tessier as grounded, easy-going and reliable.

"She has gained tremendous respect since joining the department in April of 2016, and is an integral member of the team," Lee said.

He added, “Bobbie religiously helps where she is needed. She is never afraid to rise to any occasion, take any call or face any fear. She helps her deputies become better in many areas while also being a shining example of what a deputy should represent both off and on duty… Thank you.”

All three individuals had their spouses perform the honors of pinning the new ranks to their uniforms.

“I will say thank you to my family, like everybody else and my wife, Dusty,” Tessier joked, looking to her husband. “I would also like to thank Corey Lee, Jesse and everyone else in the administration, Al Heiser as well. It’s a great department to work for. I love working with everybody and all the deputies.”


Before celebrating with cake and coffee, Lee closed the ceremony with a message of gratitude.

“I would just like to say a final thank you to all of you. You’re all an asset and a gift to the department, there’s no doubt about it,” Lee said.

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