Hettinger County Primary Ballot: List of candidates, measures and polling locations

The 2022 Hettinger County primary elections will feature several important local races and two measures.

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REGENT, N.D. — The ballot for the June 14 primary election in Hettinger County is two pages long, with several competitive local races and two countywide measures. This article will not feature candidates in races who are running uncontested, or in races featuring fewer or an equal number of candidates to allotted votes.

In a political party primary election in North Dakota, voters may only cast a vote for the candidates of a single political party. The ballot contains two political parties; one in each section. Voters should keep in mind that should they cast a vote in more than one political party's section, the ballot will be rejected. However, all votes on the "No Party" and "Measures" will still be counted.

Hettinger County Auditor Jeri Schmidt said the election will be held at The Enchanted Castle Hotel in Regent, located at 607 Main Ave South — approximately four blocks southwest of Regent City Hall. The polls will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on June 14. Hettinger County does not offer in-person early voting, but citizens who would like to vote absentee can do so by filling out an application at the Hettinger County Courthouse in Mott.

Partisan primaries

These are the statewide races in the Republican primary. For United States Senator, the Republican candidates are Riley Kuntz and John Hoeven. For Secretary of State, the Republican candidates are Michael Howe and Marvin Lepp. For North Dakota State Senate for District 39, the Republican candidates are Andrew Gene (Kord) Kordonowy and Greg Kessel. For North Dakota State Representative for District 39, the Republican candidates are (choose two) Thea Lee, John Pretzer, Lyn James, Keith Kempenich and Mike Schatz. For North Dakota State Representative for District 31, the Republican candidates are (choose 2) Dawson Holle, Jim Schmidt and Karen Rohr. The lone contested Democratic-NPL contest is for United States Senator, the candidates are Katrina Christiansen and Michael J. Steele.

Non-partisan races

For Hettinger County Commissioner District 2, the candidates are (choose 1) Kent Maershbecker, Devan Laufer, Douglas M (Doug) Hoff and Angela (Angie) Carlson. For Mayor of Regent, the candidates are Lyle Hoffer and Gary Greff. For Regent City Council, the candidates are (choose two) Morgan Kouba, Shilo Donner, Connie Wax and Doug Hoff. For New England City Councilmember, the candidates are (choose three) Rebecca (Becky) Jacobs, Breann Krebs, Mike Grote and Chris Fitterer.


Balot measures

The first measure is a question that posits, “As per N.D.C.C. 57-15-06.7 (5), shall the governing body of Hettinger County continue the 5 mills for County Roads and Bridges above the 10-mill levy limitation set out in the N.D.C.C. Chapter 57-15-06.7 for a total of 15 mills?” The options are, “The options are, "Yes, means you approve the measure as summarized above," and "No, means you reject the measure as summarized above."

The second measure is a question that posits, “Shall the current emergency service (911) communication fee of $1.50 be increased to $2.00 (a total increase of 50 cents) per month per wireless access line and telephone access line for the operation and maintenance of the emergency 911 communication system, with said increase to be effective January 1, 2023?” The options are, “The options are, "Yes, means you approve the measure as summarized above," and "No, means you reject the measure as summarized above."

For more information about the 2022 primary and municipal election, call the Hettinger County Auditor’s Office at 701-824-2515 or visit the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website at .

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