New mobile café keeps New England feeling good

New business offers coffee and other drinks, along with baked goods and meals.

Cassie Fink
Cassie makes a coffee drink at Feel Good Coffee Company in New England Oct. 28.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press
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NEW ENGLAND, N.D. — With the second snowfall of the year and temperatures plummeting, New Englanders are craving sweet sugary warmth. What started as a coffee bean roasting hobby for Cassie and Richard Fink has blossomed into a business. The Finks opened their mobile cafe, Feel Good Coffee Company, in September.

Richard Fink is originally from Arkansas, while his wife is a Dickinson native with family roots in New England. The young couple started roasting beans for themselves about eight years ago, and then began roasting beans to sell in the fall of 2021, Cassie Fink said.

“We were roasting just regular whole beans and selling them direct through cottage laws,” Richard Fink said. “Coffee is obviously amazing, but I love the process too. So you know the slow roasting and grinding and I mean the whole thing is fun.”

When interest in their product started budding, the Finks decided to open their mobile coffee shop using their freshly roasted coffee beans as their staple.

“We don't have coffee just sitting around,” Richard Fink said. “So anybody who buys or drinks our coffee that we made, it's been roasted within the last three days. So it's very, very fresh. Same thing when people buy it. Most of the time it's a special order coffee so we’re roasting it right there for them and they're leaving with fresh roasted coffee that was roasted that day.”


They offer a variety of milks in their drinks, such as coconut, rice and oat, so those with allergies and sensitivities are sure to find something they love.

“We have pretty much any option that you can think of,” Richard Fink said. “So we're going to make it exactly the way they want it.”

He added they offer free delivery in New England.

“We want to have great customer service,” Richard Fink said. “We're not trying to have, you know, the cheapest cup of coffee you can get. We want to have and we want to be the best.”

They are selling their whole and ground beans from their mobile shop with the hopes of having them on retail shelves by 2023. Their vision has quickly expanded to include food and other specialty drinks, such as smoothies.

“Initially we just wanted to, you know, kind of heat up some milk and serve some lattes and some cappuccinos and stuff like that – have a nice specialty coffee that's local to New England,” Richard Fink said. “So we kind of had to pivot a little bit and kind of curate a menu that's good for our local community.”

Richard Fink
Richard Fink makes a smoothie at Feel Good Coffee Company in New England Oct. 28.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

The Finks offer soups, baked goods, homemade granola and roasted meats. Their knoephla soup has been a hit with their customers.

“We're starting to get more into the breakfast thing,” Cassie Fink said. “We've got a few different breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos that we're starting. And then coming soon, we're going to start getting a few lighter lunch options. So like the little charcuterie boxes and wraps and things like that to be able to pair up with the soups.”


The Feel Good Coffee Company is usually operating at the Finks’ home in New England, but they also take their shop to events across the region, including those in Dickinson. Rain, shine or blizzard; coffee will be had, as the Finks plan to weatherize their café to be operational through the winter.

Cassie's family has been in the customer service business for generations.

“My dad's mom had a little cafe on Main Street in New England about 60 years ago,” Cassie said. “So it's kind of cool to be opening up a little coffee shop in the same town that she had.”

The Finks are grateful the business has been well received by the community and hope to eventually expand into a brick and mortar restaurant in New England. Feel Good Coffee Company is open 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with plans to extend hours soon. Call 405-568-0878 to schedule a coffee delivery.

Cassie Fink
Cassie Fink sells a smoothie at Feel Good Coffee Company in New England Oct. 28.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

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