Rugged rug cleaners: Dickinson cleaning business staffed, managed by Veterans

Dakota Commercial Rugs is a new business in Dickinson that provides a wide variety of services. The entire staff is composed of American Military veterans.

Kyle D'Amato
Kyle D'Amato cleans a logo rug at Dakota Commercial Rugs in Dickinson.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press
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DICKINSON — Watch out dirty rugs, there's a new small business in town. Dakota Commercial Rugs has been open since March. They provide deep cleaning, linen and bathroom services as well.

General Manager Kyle D’Amato said they can remove everything from dirt and wine to gum and animal waste. They clean residential rugs as small as 2 by 3 feet and large as 14 by 20 feet.

“I mean really if it's in your house, picks up off the ground and you can roll it up, we'll do it,” he said.

The machines and processes they use are gentle enough for antique Persian and Oriental rugs.

“We're not just throwing something into a machine, and then waiting for it to come out hoping that everything got out,” D’Amato said. “We can actually control it. I watch it so I can control how fast my conveyor belt is going. We can control how fast the brushes are going.”


The amount of pressure and soap being used on the rug is also controlled, he added. Their process uses low heat to eliminate the risk of damage.

A machine gently scrubs a rug at Dakota Commercial Rugs in Dickinson.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

“You know how like when you look at a rug when you walk into a shop and it's just rippled on the edges and people are tripping over it – So we don't have that because we don't actually use any heat over 108 degrees,” D’Amato said. “Our rugs have been washed countless times at this point because most of our customers are weekly customers. We don't have any of that rippling and rolling that you get.”

The drying process uses centrifugal force to remove moisture.

“There's zero heat added,” D’Amato said. “It's simply just centrifugal force that pushes 80% to 95% of water out depending on how long you let it run.”

The rugs are hung up to finish drying. The company also creates logo rugs for other businesses to purchase. They contract with these businesses to regularly clean the logo emblazoned rugs.

“A lot of our customers will come to us and then we'll completely revamp their logo, refresh it and make sure it looks good,” D’Amato said. “We're really, really well priced on the cleaning aspect of things. And then on top of all that, they get to own it.”

Matt Schaefer
Matt Schaefer cleans a rug.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

They partner with local businesses as much as possible to provide supplies and use products made in America. All of the company’s employees are U.S. Military veterans, D’Amato said.

“We're a family owned business,” Mike Fisher, part owner, said. “We are a local supporter of the Dickinson community here in town. Our service, quality and our people stand out to me.”


The company also services and supplies bathroom products, such as soap, air fresheners and paper towel dispensers. They offer uniforms and linen services, such as table cloths and towels.

“If you just try and go anywhere else, I mean you're gonna be paying an arm and a leg; then you have to wash and clean them yourself,” Regional Manager Matt Schafer said. “A big thing for a lot of oilfield companies or mechanics is shop towels and we have really good quality shop towels.”

To find out more about Dakota Commercial Rugs’ products and services, call 701-483-7847 or check out their Facebook page.

John Thomas
John Thomas, left and Matt Schaefer, right clean a rug at Dakota Commercial Rugs in Dickinson.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

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