Stark County sheriff reports increase in calls of service, arrests for June

During this week's Stark County Commission meeting, Sheriff Corey Lee provided a monthly report on the Stark County Sheriff's Office.

The Stark County Sheriff's Office is experiencing an increase in calls for service and arrests, as reported in June of 2022.
The Stark County Sheriff's Office is experiencing an increase in calls for service and arrests, as reported in June of 2022. Sheriff Corey Lee reported to the Stark County Commission on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, that his law enforcement agency saw 1,586 calls for service and made 105 arrests in June.
Jackie Jahfetson / The Dickinson Press
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STARK COUNTY, N.D. — In his monthly report to the Stark County Commission on Tuesday morning, Sheriff Corey Lee noted that they had a total of 1,586 calls for service in June, which increased from 2021’s report of 1,531. Total arrests for the month rested at 105, which is “considerably high,” Lee said, explaining that the sheriff’s office averages about 80 arrests per month.

“Belfield is keeping us quite busy; they’re getting their money’s worth out of this deal, I think. Lots of calls and investigations going on over there,” Lee said, adding, “(With) Roughrider Days events, we couldn’t be more pleased with how things went. We threw a lot of man hours at that. We had a high profile, high visibility kind of theory we tried out this year. We always do it, but this year of course was the first year we had the carnival out there so we had to operate a little bit differently. I can’t recall in all my years of doing this not having a call for service out at the carnival. We didn’t have one fight, we didn’t have one anything. So I think having that visibility and manpower there really made a difference.”

Of those calls for service, 204 traffic stops were down from the previous year, which recorded 279 traffic stops. Stark County police officers conducted 43 stops within the city of Dickinson and 161 stops in the county and neighboring small towns.

Officers also conducted 302 public relations stops, which was up from 258 in 2021.

Lee also addressed in his report that the sheriff’s office had used its K-9 services 56 times in June, which was “up considerably,” he said.


The Stark County Sheriff’s Office responded to 14 accidents in June, with seven property incidents, four injuries, two pedestrian incidents, one hit and run and zero fatalities.

Lee noted at the meeting that he was going to introduce the sheriff’s office's newest emotional support dog , Myria the 3-month-old black lab puppy, but the introduction to the commission was postponed. He did stand for questions from commissioners regarding the matter.

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“So when you use this new dog, do you just take her to the schools or where do you all take her to?” Commissioner Bernie Marsh said.

Lee replied, noting that some of the services will differentiate from public relations stops, assisted living centers, some death notifications to sober living facilities.

“Like we talked about on the post that I did regarding this initially, people said one dog’s not enough; you can’t be everywhere. Well, that’s kind of the premise of law enforcement, we’re never going to be everywhere. But we’re going to help where we can and certainly respond when we’re called with her as much as we can,” Lee said, adding, “... She’s already been to several of these places and it’s actually going very well.”

Marsh added, “I’m anxious to see how this program or how the dog is going to work out.”

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Jackie Jahfetson is a former reporter for The Dickinson Press.
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