Man accused of burglary, trying to return items pleads not guilty

Dickinson resident Jesse Hecker, 24, pleaded not guilty Monday to two Class C felonies stemming from a complex theft incident during an arraignment at the Stark County Courthouse.

Dickinson resident Jesse Hecker, 24, pleaded not guilty Monday to two Class C felonies stemming from a complex theft incident during an arraignment at the Stark County Courthouse.

A Dickinson Police officer testified during a preliminary hearing that officers were first notified in August of a burglary where a wallet including credit and debit cards, a snowboard, Social Security cards, blank checks and other items were stolen from a vehicle inside a residential garage.

Police then tracked purchases made on the cards to Loaf ‘N Jug, Menards and Family Fare, from each of which they obtained security footage of two individuals making the purchases.

Officers also identified the vehicle used by the men.

Police later pulled over the vehicle seen in the security footage, which was then being driven by Hecker’s girlfriend. The officer identified fuel containers in the vehicle that had been used in the purchase of gas from Loaf ‘N Jug with one of the stolen cards, and the woman agreed to guide officers back to the apartment she shared with Hecker, who was not there at the time, for a search.


The officers located many of the suspected stolen items at the apartment. Later, the woman identified Hecker on the security footage obtained by police.

The woman also told officers that the other male involved in the incidents was Dickinson resident Cody Parker.

After the woman was taken back to the apartment, police were notified by the original burglary victims that they had been contacted through Facebook by either Hecker or his girlfriend, who offered to return the stolen items at a specific meeting point. Officers went to the spot where Hecker and the woman were handing over a plastic tote with most of the items reported stolen to the victims.

Hecker was taken in for questioning, where he reportedly admitted to helping steal the items with Parker and using the cards.

Hecker was charged with conspiracy to commit unauthorized use of personal identifying information and theft of property.

Southwest District Judge James Gion dismissed a third charge of conspiracy to commit unlawful entry into a vehicle after he failed to find the evidence presented proved any conspiracy between the two individuals in stealing from the vehicle.

Parker, who is charged with unauthorized use of personal identifying information, has a preliminary hearing in March.

Man accused of stabbing roommate in back pleads not guilty


Dickinson resident Luis Rivera-Lopez, 29, was arrested Dec. 11 after officers were called to a stabbing incident at the Century Apartments. There they found three men, including Rivera-Lopez and a man with a serious laceration to the back.

The wounded man was taken to CHI St. Joseph’s Health, and Rivera-Lopez was charged with the Class C felony of aggravated assault.

Rivera-Lopez reportedly got into an argument with the man, who was his roommate, before things escalated.

Man pleads not guilty to intending to deal heroin, meth

Dickinson resident Dillan Hopfauf, 25, was arrested Nov. 1 following a call for a possible domestic incident that sent officers to the Prairie Hills Mall parking lot.

One of the officers testified that upon questioning a man, who happened to be Hopfauf, parked in the parking lot on whether he had seen any suspicious activity, the officer noticed a glassy look in his eyes.

The officer asked the Hopfauf to step out of the vehicle, and in doing so, Hopfauf dropped a small bottle of what was later determined to be heroin.

Hopfauf then produced two hypodermic needles and other paraphernalia from his pocket. When the officer searched the car, he located a digital scale, as well as baggies of heroin and of meth.


Approximately 4 grams of heroin in total was recovered, along with roughly 3 grams of meth.

Hopfauf was charged with the Class A felonies of intending to deliver heroin and meth, respectively. He also has misdemeanor charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and illegal possession of a weapon, to which he also pleaded not guilty.

Man accused of serial thefts, including dognapping, pleads not guilty

Belfield resident Robert Dorval, 47, is accused of burglarizing a shed at one residence and a house at another in November, stealing items comprising of a dirt bike, a dog, a laptop and a flashlight.

Dorval was arrested and charged with three Class C felonies of burglary and theft, as well as two misdemeanor charges of theft.

Woman arrested in stolen property bust pleads not guilty

Dickinson resident Brittany Bruntmyer, 33, pleaded not guilty to Class C felonies of possession of stolen property and possession of meth Monday.

Bruntmyer was arrested along with Dickinson residents Jimmy Monday and James Gannon on Nov. 30 following a bust tied to a string of recent burglaries in the Dickinson area.

Jeremy Mellmer escaped arrest and holed up in another residence, causing a standoff with police days later before he suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Six stolen firearms were found in Bruntmyer’s residence, with an additional one found in her vehicle. Authorities also found 1.2 grams of methamphetamine.

Dickinson man’s drug felonies dismissed

Dickinson resident Brad Binder, 32 was charged with the Class AA felony of intending to deliver meth and the Class A felony of intending to deliver in December 2014 after a search warrant of the residence he was living in revealed substantial amounts of the drugs.

However, Gion noted that no evidence provided during a preliminary hearing proved that this location was within 1,000 feet of a school, which both the charges stipulated.

He dismissed both charges.

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