Mayor proclaims July 20 "Lemonade Day"

Mayor Scott Decker officially declared July 20 to be Lemonade Day in Dickinson. He was joined by the local event's organizers and some of the participating youths at Tuesday's city commissioners meeting. (Brandon L. Summers / The Dickinson Press)

Mayor Scott Decker proclaimed July 20 to be "Lemonade Day" at Tuesday's meeting of the city commissioners.

The nationwide program encourages children to engage in entrepreneurial enterprise.

Katie Culver, Dickinson Lemonade Day Committee director, explained to commissioners that it is the first year is being done in the city.

"It's an experiential program that teaches children how to be an entrepreneur, by breaking it down to the very simple task of a lemonade stand," Culver said. "We're super excited to have this be an investment for Dickinson's youths."

There are 30 lemonade stands signed up for the July 20 event.


Culver was joined Tuesday by six youths participating in the event.

"It is exciting to see these young entrepreneurs here who are excited to proceed with this very special day," Decker said.

More than 40 youths are expected to participate by setting up lemonade stands across the city, the official declaration notes.

"After youth have completed the Lemonade Day curriculum, they are prepared for the real-world experience of owning their own lemonade business," Decker said. "Youth are encouraged to spend some, share some and save some of their profits by giving back to the community that has supported them."

The event is supported by 13 sponsors, Decker noted.

"On Lemonade Day, everyone has an important role to play in supporting our youth," he said, "whether you're mentoring a youth, hosting a stand or purchasing lemonade, the entire comunity can be involved ins upporting our young entrepreneuers."

Decker will also serve as the judge on the day for the tasting contest.

"It will be a very interesting day," he said. "I'm very excited."


Commissioner Sarah Trustem applauded Culver and the event's volunteers for organizing the local effort.

"It's one thing to see the excitement of the day and how successful things go," she said, "but it's another to actually be involved in the hours of dedicated volunteer work that these people have been doing for months to get this going."

She added, "Big kudos to you and the gang for really working hard and putting your feet to the ground to get this started."

Cheyanne Geerts was named Tuesday as the winner of a lemonade stand design competition sponsoned by Bosch Lumber Co. of Dickinson.

Bosch will pay for the materials needed to build her lemonade stand.

Information about the local event can be found at

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